Freedom Radio Rocks with Perlson and Gilinsky

March 4, 2011

Freedom Radio will rock with Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, Sunday night, March 6. Beautiful Bev will tell it like it is on the demonstration against Shariah in DC on Thursday March 3.

Also joining us tonight will be Beth Gilinsky another fearless sister warrior for America; Beth Gilinsky is the founder of Jewish Action Alliance and a member of the Liberty Alliance. Liberty Alliance, recently brought members of leading organizations from around the country into a confederation to organize a strong counter front against the advance of Shariah Law over constitutional law in America and thus over the American culture.

Ms. Gilinsky will join us to talk about an event of Liberty Alliance that took place today in Manhattan to draw attention to the fascist actions of the Muslem Brotherhood in America.

Read more about today’s Anti-Muslem Brotherhood event here and listen to Beth Gilinsky’s after action report tonight on Freedom Radio.

So glad that both of these patriots are on our side! As long as patriots like Bev Perlson and Beth Gilinsky are with us, there will always be an America as we know it.

Don’t miss it!

Bev Perlson speaks to the crowd at Liberty Rocks Rally against Shariah in DC, Thursday March 3, 2011

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive and BigPeace writes about Bev Perlson at the Liberty Alliance rally in support of constitutional law in DC :

“One of the bigger Islamist clowns, Anjem Choudary from the UK, was supposed to bring his traveling goat rape rope to Obama Town today. Our team got ready to repel boarders and I was anticipating a rowdy fiesta. Well I got the fiesta, but it wasn’t the Muslims it was Mexicans protesting the drug war. Mr. Chowdary failed to show. Here is Bev Perlson riling the crowd up for a non-confrontation. Frank Gaffney was there to instruct about the dangers posed by infiltration of Islamic law.

Well as much fun as speechifying can be, it’s got nothing to compare with a good tet a tet with the open-minded supporters of a new Caliphate”.

Read more of Uncle Jimbo at Black Five here.

Listen to a perfect interview done by Steve Malzberg with Choudary here.

Join us!

Congressman Allen West has rescheduled for Sunday March 13. We apologize for the wait!!

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