Pope Barackus Obamus I

February 13, 2012

The warfare being waged against our republic by the elites of both political parties brought bad karma that their egomaniacal ignorance should not only become their undoing, but our salvation.

Vanity, thy name is Obama.

Who but an egomaniac could be so lost in his own beatification as to attempt to overthrow the leadership of an organization of 1.3 billion willing followers worldwide, and whose power has survived for over two thousand years? Why not just target China?

Who but the most delusional would not only challenge that organization, but virtually urinate on it’s people while they were still breathing, mistaking them for political corpses?

Jen Kuznicki of jenkuznicki.com agrees:

“President Obama doesn’t care what a religious organization teaches, what regular Americans view as abhorrent, nor does he respect their objections.”

Of course the act in question is the recent attempt by Obama to appoint himself Pope, by overriding Catholic Church doctrine. Yes, even the anointed one’s title as President of the United States has been a snore to Barack Hussein Obama. He believes he deserves not just re-election, but promotion to a position which is believed to hold the power to speak ex cathedra; His speech being as infallible as that of the Lord.

From Andrew McCarthy at NRO:

“The Obama Left is well aware of these things, for these things are basic. The president does not care. His doctrine, hard-Left doctrine, is government promotion of contraception and abortion on demand. On these tenets, he brooks no dissent. Regardless of what the Constitution says, you are commanded to obey. He has started the war against our liberties not because of any crisis, but because he can. That is tyranny. It is a rupturing of the American conception of sovereignty, in which the president is our servant, not our ruler. It cannot stand.”

It is difficult for mere mortals to describe the colossally arrogant evil of what our Dear Leader has attempted. Thank the Lord for it.

Since the Republican party seems to give more of a damn about maintaining the status quo, than preserving our great nation, Obama’s actions not only demonstrate his profound contempt for American culture, history and western thought, but serve as profound and glaring evidence of his ingrained disrespect for the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which that culture was built. He is an American in name only. He was born here, but that’s about it.

Or, to put it as my dear departed Mother used to say about nut cases in general, “That boy ain’t right; His furniture is in the house, but its in all the wrong rooms”.

No one explains this better than Daniel Greefield over at Sultan Knish where you can read the entire article:

“This stupidity is our best hope. If the Republican Party establishment insists on arrogantly making a mess of things, the Obama Administration’s arrogance and heavy-handedness exceeds their own and may succeed in the battle of alienation.”

Not only is my hat tipped to you Mr. Greenfield, but I bow at the waist.

Not at YOU Pope Barackus, at Mr. Greenfield and Mr. McCarthy

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