“THE SECOND FALL” is Riveting

March 16, 2014

The Second Fall

On Friday, March 16th’s THE SHREW, Our very own Anna Bee interviews accomplished author Charles Hurt, concerning his new book, “The Second Fall”.

Listen to interview here

Mr. Hurst’s “The Second Fall” can be ordered here at Amazon.com

From Amazon:

The Second Fall is an offbeat account of the predicted Revelation. Lucifer, under the guise of a high level political operative, uses the corrupt government and an apathetic people to initiate the final fall of mankind into his long awaited grasp. However, Christ gathers his newly chosen, a group of misfits who will become the unlikely outcasts, to wage war against this impending evil and whose efforts will determine the outcome of the world.

THE SHREW could not recommend Mr. Hurst’s new book more highly.

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