West Charges Capitol Hill

by Sean Lengell of the Washington Time, Dec 27.

Depending on who is asked, Republican Rep.-elect Allen West is either a hothead radical who will chip away at what little civility remains on Capitol Hill, or is an energetic, principled pragmatist who will bring a long-overdue dose of sanity to Washington.

But his sincerity isn’t in question: As supporters and critics alike say when it comes to the South Florida Republican, what you see is what you get.

“There are some candidates who are fairly standard politicians, who adopt the ‘tea party’ rhetoric … and then I think there are some politicians who are really fundamentally more tea party-ist than politician, and I think West fits into that category,” said Kevin Wagner, a political science professor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

“The rhetoric, he believes.”

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Obamacare Funding Already Fading

Republicans Have Taken First Step to Defund ObamaCare
December 26, 2010
By Maggie of Maggie’s Notebook

At least that’s the way uber-Liberal columnist Ezra Klein sees it.

Ezra Klein
From The Weekly Standard:

Two weeks before taking over control of the House of Representatives, Republicans have already succeeded in starting to defund Obamacare. As Ezra Klein, a zealous Obamacare supporter, writes in the Washington Post, “The Senate passed the Continuing Resolution [by a vote of] 79-16…. Another way of saying that: The Senate voted to defund the implementation of both health-care reform and financial-regulation reform.” Shortly thereafter, the House followed suit, by a vote of 193 to 165. This result was achieved because, in Klein’s words, “The omnibus spending bill collapsed,” preparing the way for the continuing resolution. Klein frankly says: ”[T]his is bad news for the health-care bill.”

Great insite by Klein and Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard
Hat Tip to Maggie of Maggies Notebook

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North America’s Singing Revolution

Between approximately 1987 and 1991, A revolution occurred in Eastern Europe that restored independence to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A wonderful documentary film, the Singing Revolution. was made to bear witness to this monumental accomplishment. The Singing Revolution was accomplished by a culturally rich people, a people who fearlessly turned out a villanous and tyranically oppressive government by shear force of determination and will.
America has that same cultural richness, determination and strength, leaving us to wondered why that same revolution could not occur here in America, in Canada and Mexico.

But it did not happen.

Now,thanks to a still free new media, suddently we are seeing a marvelous trend known as Flash Mob Choirs. It seems to me, that we may well be on our way to such an American Version of the Singing Revolution.

Christmas time is such a blessing, but it seems often a time of stress, illness and tragedy for many. The samples of the New Singing Revolution on the right to be viewed and heard, are uplifting and glorius. They demonstrate the joys and blessings out there, free to all. They remind us that as long as we live, all is never lost. That we have a long way to go before we can be called defeated as a free people. That the tyrannical acts of a few cannot oppress us, unless we give them permission.

God Bless You and Yours, and may God Bless the New Singing Revolution.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Bev Perlson and Jim Hanson

Rock with us for Sunday evenings Freedom Radio at 8 pm est with two of the most unashamedly fearless activist American patriots on earth, Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers and Jim Hanson,aka “Uncle Jimbo” of Blackfive and Big Peace.

And always tune in to hear the National Security Update with Tim Sumner, co-founder of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America.

Mix your cocktails and pop the corn in advance because you will NOT want to miss a moment!

A Freedom Radio Christmas Message

Its been a heady decade of war. There is the obvious war with Islamofacism, and of course the war here at home against liberal fascism. Both wars pit the will of the free to protect and preserve the home of the brave against those who would pirate their freedom, their property, and their very lives and the lives of their children.

As we continue to stand together, let us hold our military and their families in our hearts, minds and souls. Let us remember to pray daily for those who risk their lives, futures and their children’s futures in this struggle to maintain our liberty.

Let us thank our fellow patriots with prayer, affection, admiration and most especially our loyalty for all they are willing to risk to continue to put America and Americans first, before their own concerns.

When politicians prevaricate, know that in that instant that they are thinking about themselves. When they bypass an opportunity to protect soldiers and thus our freedoms, it is all about them. The narcissist lacks maturity and wisdom.

The truth will not only set us free, but keep us free. Faith, hope and love are about the grace human’s are granted as they grow to embrace generativity, the bridge to maturity and wisdom, to know that the world is NOT about them.

So as we progress into this Blessed Christmas season, let us all continue to seek the truth within everyone and everything so that the blessings of freedom from God will continue to define America.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah,

All of Us at Freedom Radio

Diana West After Action Report on Behenna Clemency Hearing

The great Diana West was in attendance at the Behenna clemency hearing in DC on Dec 9. Her report is first hand.

“Just came back from a tense morning in the Army Court of Criminal Appeals in Arlington, Virginia, where long-awaited oral arguments appealing US Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna’s surreal conviction for “unpremeditated murder” while fighting the war in Iraq were heard. Lt. Behenna, 27, is currently serving 15 years in military prison (reduced from 25 years) for killing a known al Qaeda operative named Ali Mansur believed to have been responsible for attacks on Behenna’s platoon in 2008. Michael is one of the Leavenworth Ten we must not forsake.

Fifteen years is a harsh (insane) sentence, and harsher than other such sentences handed down for the same “crime,” as Michael’s father Scott Behenna explained to a Clemency Review Board on December 2. At todays appeal, civilian defense attorney Jack Zimmerman of Houston argued, quite convincingly I thought, two main points: 1) that key forensic evidence from a government witness in support of Lt. Behenna’s claim of self-defense was not heard during the trial; and 2) that, on a more arcane legal point (as I understood it), crucial instructions to the jury were unclear. ”

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Freedom Radio Sunday December 12 8 pm EST

Diana West and Dan Riehl 8 PM Eastern, Sunday, December 12.

Washington Examiner columnist Diana West writes a weekly commentary column for Newspaper Enterprise Association. A conservative with a strong bent for cultural commentary, Diana West explores topics few writers touch upon, “Not that I haven’t been known to do a few of those, but I do strive to slip in a few zingers. In other words, mine is not a who’s up, who’s down Beltway column; nor is it just another take on the Big Story-of-the-Week. Instead, I am fascinated by the culture stories, the ones that reveal who we are as a people.”

Diana West’s column has appeared in NEA since 2001.

Diana West has contributed essays and features to many publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Post, Commentary, The New Criterion, The Public Interest and The Women’s Quarterly. Diana West has also written fiction for The Atlantic Monthly and has been a columnist for Scripps Howard News Service.

Read more about Diana West and her work….

Dan Riehl is the FEARLESS bloger at Riehl World View. Get a load out of Dan by going to this fabulous interview with Dan and Tammy Bruce from back before the election.

McCaskill Calls for Revolution, While MSM Sleeps

Last nights Freedom Radio Rocked as patriots Col. Frank Ryan and Congressman-elect Lt. Col. Allen West responded to news on the GM bailouts, the media and remarks made Saturday December 4, 2010 by sitting Senator Claire McCaskill calling for violent revolution.

My humble sentiments on the subject remained for today’s post.

McCaskill’s call for the taking up of arms was only a small part of the disturbing diatribe produced by Madame Senator. On Saturday December 4th our senators had to work. The Lords of the Senate had to “work” (think Maynard G. Krebbs) on a weekend! Watch and listen to Senator Claire McCaskill as she calls for violent revolution:

There is little if any accuracy to be found in these remarks. McCaskill states that Republicans insist on a permanent tax cuts for the ”wealthiest” Americans. In that sentence alone we can devein the derisive and destructive plans of McCaskill’s marxist left.

People who own small businesses may bring in over $250,000 a year, but after they pay your confiscatory federal taxes, meet the demands of the oppressive regulatory agencies that they must carry year after year, pay employees salaries, health care benefits, workmen’s compensation expenses, liability insurance and then must take the losses that this disgraceful economy has inflicted on them, they are not only not making a profit, but being driven from the market place, taking the jobs they provide with them.

But that is what you and the grinning Schumer want. Small businesses provide employment for over half of the American work force. The 29.6 million small business in the US hire 40 percent of the scientists engineers and computer scientists and represent a staggering 99.7 percent of all employer firms.

These statistics define a healthy middle class, not government programs, not regulatory agencies, not union thugs. So as Schumer shucks and jives like a bobble head doll in the back windshield of an old K car while you speak, Americans know that when the middle class is destroyed, the remaining employers will be unions and big government. How convenient for you.

Contrary to your impressions, the American people are not as stupid as you and yours seem to believe. And you, Madam, are not naive. It is your focus to destroy the middle class that you claim to be fighting for. You yearn for regular Americans to take your bait and begin a violent revolution.

And while you brazenly call for Americans to “take up pitchforks” you are telegraphing your frustration with the results of the recent midterm elections. Your marxist collaborators are going through the stages of grief with the impending death of your absolute power. You know it, you don’t like it and you cannot accept it.

And as your cry for us to begin to get violent goes out, what do we hear from the Newspaper industry and the Democrat tools over at the New York Times, MSNBC, ABC and CNN about the audacity and danger of your remarks?


Lets pretend for a moment that Sarah Palin or Jim DeMint had uttered your intemperate outcry. The story would be the lead on all of the liberal newscasts, the Today Show, Meet the Press, Face the Nation and be above the fold in 30 font bold face on the next two weeks’ editions of the New York Times.

Cries would go out for Senator DeMint’s resignation from the Senate and for justice department investigations of Governor Palin and anything that resembled a Tea Party.
Pitchforks would be outlawed in every blue state. Farmers would be bailing hay by hand, all in the name of national security and of course “fairness”.

What you and your sore loser friends are really fighting against is your imminent loss of power and a perceived last chance for absolute rule over a newly created peasant lower class.

You yourself might want to invest in the purchase of an actual pitchfork, Senator McCaskill; You’ll be looking for a new career in the blink of an eye. Who knows, you may like shoveling cow hockey; you seem to have shown a real knack for it.

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