Not Going Anywhere In Mint Condition

It happens all too frequently. When it does, it is painful. Folks regularly question my disability. “You’re not really sick”, “You don’t need that cane”. “Wish I was a sick as you”, “How could a person who is handicapped drive THAT car” (5 speed two seater). “You look great, you’re about as sick as that Ann Romney, I can tell”. “If you are sick, why do you walk such a big dog?”

It begs the questions, “What does cancer look like?” “What does a transplant recipient look like?” “What does MS look like?” “What does epilepsy look like?” “What does loneliness look like?”

Yes, my presence often brings with it inconveniences to others. I can be extremely self-conscious and concerned for how that presence changes peoples experiences. There are people that would prefer you stay hidden. I like to think that they are the way they are because the presence of someone like me reminds them of their own vulnerability. The thought that they or a loved one could be a walking disability time bomb must be quickly dismissed. They must preserve their comfy world view.

They do not want to have to think about such unpleasantries.

Trust me, we do not demand your help, we just don’t want you to make things more difficult.

So please, the next time anyone feels the need to comment on someones appearance, manner or speech, check the man in the mirror. None of us gets out of this life in mint condition.

Our Ballots Our Bullets

Two years ago, my friend Joyce Kaufman of WFTL 850 AM radio of South Florida stood up and spoke like very few patriots can or will. In front of July 4th activist patriots, gathered at a strip mall, she reminded them of what our liberty and that of our children might require. She spoke about the sacrifices that the fight for freedom might charge us. It was a speech that would change the trajectory of her life, and possibly the nation’s.

Much like the Founders risked it all to create this blessed nation, my friend Joyce risked it all that day in a fearless and conspicuous way. She told the unvarnished truth. She told it loud and she told it proud. She painted the picture the way it was, and the way it will always be.

Watch the speech here. Joyce Kaufman: The Ballot Box or The Cartridge Box.

Her mighty words are still applicable to our nation today, two years later. Joyce Kaufman quoted Thomas Jefferson’s words, “ If ballots don’t do it bullets will”. Leftist elites didn’t like those words much like they don’t like the inspired constitution that Mr. Jefferson co-authored. Gosh how they hate our own history.

True Leaders see it differently. Malcolm X was of course not a founder, but he too knew that truth, as stated at What So Proudly We Hail by editor Diana Shaub. Schaub turns to Malcolm’s famous speech in which he declares that “If we don’t do something real soon, I think you’ll have to agree that we’re going to be forced either to use the ballot or the bullet. It’s one or the other in 1964.”

Schaub writes,

“[In this speech,] Malcolm X began to reflect on the deepest questions of law and citizenship. Discussion of the relationship between ballots and bullets has a distinguished history in American political thought. Lincoln, for instance, when he argued against the constitutionality of secession, urged us to remember “that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets; that there can be no successful appeal except to ballots themselves, at succeeding elections.” Of course, in denouncing secession, Lincoln was not denying the existence of a right of revolution—there could be situations in which ballots have not fairly and constitutionally decided. Lincoln agreed with Jefferson that where “peaceable remedies are unprovided,” the “sword of revolution” is always the ultimate resort.”

Joyce Kaufman is an original piece of God’s work. There is no doubt that the speech she gave on that day July 4, 2010 could be given again and again. There is no doubt that if the speech were given today, the left would attack it like they did in 2010. They would fallaciously using the raw emotions after the recent Colorado theater massacre in the same way that they shamelessly used the near murder of Representative Gabby Gifford.

We might ask ourselves if we are as ready and willing as Joyce to give that revolutionary speech, at risk to our lives and treasure. Would we rather just submit to slavery; It would be so much easier.

OR simply give up those “Breaking Bad” reruns, learn about the issues and then get out and vote in November and take a couple smart neighbors with you.

Since the Garden

The island on its pedestal reflected on the granite blue water beneath it. Trees part gracefully to reveal the supervision of distant steel peaks. The clouds are so few as to serve only as a highlight to perfection. Near sounds of lapping water orchestrate the lakes power to transport us to a heavenly calm.

It is so majestic as to be unworldly. This place in upstate New York, like a few other places on earth is a snapshot of Gods mighty power. It is beyond mans imagination to conceive or ability to produce. That may just be the point of it all.

Men often promise to give you heavenly things on earth in their quest for power. Mark Levin calls it Ameritopia. Mr. Levin is a brilliant man; Few are brighter. A man does not have to be a legal or biblical scholar to see that the con artists of our age who promise you the world and everything in it like the devil in the Garden of Eden, can’t give you what you already have.

The Little Peasants Are So Cute When They Are Angry

Last Evening, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Americans for Prosperity in Pennsylvania and its Director in PA, Jennifer Stefano. It seemed that many patriots needed to be with their right minded peeps after the psycho decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States.

It was evident to even the most luke warm of news junkies that of the multitudes that spoke on the impact of the decision, none spoke about its impact on real people. None except Jennifer Stefano. Jen spoke about the breathing, feeling, struggling weak and the chronically ill, the actual people who will suffer the most thanks to Obamacare.

It is doubtful that Chief Justice Roberts was thinking of those people when he stated In his support of the SC decision, that it wasn’t the courts job to correct the voting errors of the people. It is doubtful that Mr. Roberts was thinking about those people when he decided that it was the courts job, his job, to write law.

Seems everyone wants to be a dictator these days.

As Mr. Roberts stumbled into the world of great dictators it must have been a rush to put those suffering weak people out of his mind. The DC elites seem to enjoy putting the constitutional system of checks and balances meant to protect the individual out of their minds. Our President has contempt for the law for the protection of the individual. The contagion for this contempt is thriving in the swamps of the District of Contempt, and has seeped into the Supreme Court of the United States. The most profound symptom of this disease is the belief that one is King. Ask King Barack and King John.

The little peasants are so cute when they’re angry.

Between the edicts of this President, the new found creativity of the Supreme Court and the inaction of the House of Representatives, we must now assume that laws are only for those pathetic enough to accept them.

You exist only to support the life style of your betters until you are no longer able. You are merely a WORKER not a person. Learn it, accept it, know it.

Dr. Jasser & Culp, Atty for Sgt Taylor Join Freedom Radio

James Culp, Esq., joins us to discuss the Army’s prosecution of his client, Sergeant First Class Walter Taylor. On July 21, 2011, on his 4th combat tour, SFC Taylor’s combat engineer platoon was ambushed in Afghanistan. For making a split-second combat decision, Taylor stands accused of negligent homicide and dereliction of duty. This malicious prosecution of a severely wounded warrior is more appeasement of the Karzai government as President Obama looks for an exit from the “right war” in Afghanistan.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, will join us at the bottom of the hour to discuss his new book ‘A Battle for the Soul of Islam’. Dr. Jasser testified last week before the House’s Homeland Security Committee on the progress he sees towards confronting radical Islam here in America. We’ll discuss that, as well the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in northern Africa and the Middle East.

Listen live at 10 to 11 a.m. Eastern, Wednesday, June 27, or catch the replay right here on Freedom Radio.

Fast and Furious One Year Later

The truth about Fast and Furious as reported by Freedom Radio still stands one year ago to the day that AG Eric Holder was held in contempt by the House (yet to be upheld by vote of the entire House). Yet Big Media still refuses to report it accurately.

Both Bill O’Reilly and Shepard Smith continue to report that guns were permitted to get into the hands of Mexican professional murderous criminals quite by accident. As of one year later, they still do not report even the possibility that putting automatic weapons in the hands of terrorists to use against law abiding citizens WAS THE PLAN.

Listen here as Pat Carfagno and Tim Sumner present the Freedom Radio Report on Fast and Furious, evidence and all.


SHREW Jen Kuznicki, conservative author at drops by for a welcome to discuss her latest work. THE SHREW’s very own reporter on the street Selma will also be with us an hilarious report on the Occupy Movement. She and our friend Keith from Australia, went into deep dark cover into the bowels of Occupy.

And of course, Pat and Anna dissect the left like its pinned on a board in biology class.

Join us.

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THE SHREW Do it For Greater Glory

THE SHREW welcome their first guest on Thursday June 14 EST. He is Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation. You can follow him @BrianHDarling . His latest work Big Agriculture: The Queen of Corporate Welfare tells us about what our so called Tea Party favorites will be doing to stem the tide of big spending. Not.

The Senate and the House will slip by us and flush 1 Trillion Dollars down the loo. Its vital that you are informed on this which is why of course the MSM isn’t talking about it. But YOU can count on THE SHREW.

Here is the BS and here is the truth.

Anna and Pat will also discuss whats coming up with the Supreme Court and the impact the Obamacare Mandate will have on the nation should the SC not step up and enforce the constitution. Pat and Anna will also discuss the earth shattering historically accurate film For Greater Glory with Andy Garcia, and why Hollywood will never fall in love with this film.

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