Mark Levin supports LT Michael Behenna

Freedom Radio and THE SHREW are huge Mark Levin fans. We are proud to call ourselves one of his infamous “back benchers” and we do a hell of a job. Although we have been all over the case of wrongly incarcerated Lt. Michael Behenna for some time, there is NOTHING like the sway of THE GREAT ONE!

Mark briefly summarizes this disgraceful injustice and presents for the defense.

Listen to this short but perfect Mark Levin clip below:

The Oppression of Our Military Heroes by Our Tyrant-in-Chief

Oppression: noun, prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control: the state of being subject to such treatment or control

Just days ago, Gateway Pundit published a story which infuriated this SHREW. Being away from the studio, I passed the info along to my colleagues at Freedom Radio and THE SHREW Tim Sumner and Anna Bee. The following is an excerpt from that article:

“A determination of incompetency will prohibit you (veteran) from purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L. No. 103-159, as implemented at 18 United States Code 924 (a)(2)”

Tim Sumner, co-founder of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America did a little digging. The following audio is an excerpt from a discussion on our very own THE SHREW:

Just how widespread is THIS atrocity?

Note: Atrocity: noun, an extremely wicked or cruel act.

The Return to Serfdom

Having not read Frederick Hayek since 1970 or so, it was a thrill to receive an abridged edition of “The Road to Serfdom” from the Heritage Foundation.

“The Road to Serfdom” deserves the undivided attention of the reader. In a moment of indulgence time was set aside to dedicate myself to the effort, just before nap time of course. Being an undisciplined sort, rather than starting at the beginning, I allow fate to show me what it wants me most to see.

The booklet opens itself to the following:

“Individualism, in contrast to socialism and all other forms of totalitarianism, is based on the respect of Christianity for the individual and the belief that is desirable that men should be free to develop their own individual gifts and bents. This philosophy, first fully developed during the Renaissance, grew and spread to what we now know as Western Civilization. The general development of social development was one of freeing the individual from the ties which bound him in feudal society.”

In recent years we have witnessed a brazen attempt by the powers of socialism to infect and weaken the Bill of Rights and thus our individual God given freedoms. The ties that increasingly bind man in slavery to a feudal society are often tightened around his neck with his permission, a permission that once given is near impossible to rescind. The call for abandoning your freedom’s for “the greater good” is in actuality a call to abandon liberty for a new nationalism, in this case socialism, the precursor to fascism and replacement for faith.

As Hayek further states:

“They do not realize that democratic socialism, the great utopia of recent generations is not only unachievable — but produces something utterly different — the destruction of freedom itself.”

If you loosen the chains of your pet they may run off but he will also be free to protect you and care for you. Risk is necessary in order to truly live. God blessed us with the opportunity to make our living worthy of his creation.

God created man, not government. Life without bureaucrats may be considered by the haughty to be tarnished, but at least the lives will be our own.


So many talking heads out there, blathering the same old same old; our friend David Milner is above the crowd not to mention original. Enjoy:

American Sputnik

Dave Milner, November 17, 2012

Just as American leftists launched The Apollo Allience to help consolidate their grass-roots efforts and forward their agenda Conservatives must begin their own efforts to influence education and culture in the United States of America. While the left could call their group, ‘Apollo’ we on the right have to recognize that we begin with far fewer assets in the culture than are enjoyed by our socialist counterparts. With far fewer in American pop culture and academia on our side we can’t launch an Apollo. For now we must build up from a simple Sputnik.

No American likes to wait. Most people who are 50 years old and younger have grown up in a society featuring instant everything. It’s galling to watch the left win and worse to hear these misguided people crow about their victories. If Conservatives ever hope to regain the ability to guide our nation back to a path of success and personal liberty we have to start where our adversaries did generations ago–at the beginning.

It starts with education on the K-12 level. Public schools follow the Michele Obama model, which seeks to in her words, “…change our traditions, our history…” Home school teachers along with concerned parents and volunteers on the right will need to base the next generation’s education on a different paradigm.

We should concentrate on basic skills and ethics for younger students. Older children can be taught the value of respectfully questioning authority, while recognizing that those employed in our public schools and higher educational institutions will often have a different view that could be hostile to the student and the principles of personal liberty.

Some time ago I recommended Conservatives gather educational materials to set aside for future generations’ use in case these documents became proscribed by an over-reaching government. I chose such things as The Articles of Confederation, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States as of 2008, The Federalist Papers, Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, The Road to Serfdom, History schoolbooks older than those published in 1975 and The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

While these ‘liberty boxes’ would address the original need as stated duplicates of these texts can and should be used as foundations for another purpose, teaching our young people about a system of government based on personal liberty and individual responsibility.

Education never ends, even when people don’t realize they’re being educated. In his article, ‘The Conservative Insurgency’ Kurt Schlichter ably demonstrates the need for the right to reach the American electorate through pop culture. People on the right know that their path leads to security and sustainability but for too long one element has been missing from our message–fun.

By their very nature most entertainers are liberal. I doubt this can be changed any time soon. This doesn’t mean talented Conservatives shouldn’t begin infiltrating the gaming, TV, movie and music industries, however. Once a large enough number of right-leaning talent has made inroads into the system it will begin to re-balance itself and popular culture will start to change.

In a time when too many people get their news from TV comedians we on the right have to learn to entertain as well as inform. This will require venues to work from. These can start with Internet TV feeds as well as cable channels. It can even move to live performances when audiences grow large enough.

Something else we should prepare for though, is the inevitable backlash of the left. Those who have power never give it up easily. While many of us find it hard to credit most people on the left have as much faith in their point of view as we have in ours. This means that while we try to launch our sputnik the socialists will try to blow it up on the pad.

It has to be remembered that with the re-election of President Obama and a leftist Senate the socialists have virtually unlimited government power at their disposal. With a Supreme Court that can be intimidated into ruling their way the left will do everything possible to silence the voice of the right while their fiends in the media give Conservatives the same ‘image makeover’ Jewish people received in nazi Germany.

Conservative news websites could be shut down and individual social media accounts closed for ‘inciteful speech.’ This same excuse could be used to discontinue cable TV channels, while the fairness doctrine could silence us on talk radio. It’s a dark scenario but we on the right have to recognize the reality of the world we find ourselves in.

Successful insurgencies find means to move the message. We can prepare for the assault on our free speech by doing the same thing the Muslim brotherhood did in Egypt when Hosni Mubarak denied them access to the Internet. The Egyptians used older technology, the BBS.

A BBS (Bulletin Board System) allows users to bypass the Internet completely. Computers that host the boards are connected to telephone landlines through modems and users can post to them by using their own telephone modem-connected computers to call in. These boards can host news and entertainment files while acting as social gathering sites for like-minded people. Compared to the Internet a BBS is slow–but it does work.

It may take a long time before Conservatives can significantly influence the American culture again. As Mr. Schlichter points out there will be many losses along the way. If each of us uses their talents, however the day will come when that city on a hill will shine again and Conservatives can launch their own Saturn V of liberty. To get there, though we have to begin with a sputnik.


Pats note: According to Mr. Clint Eastwood’s address at the Republican Convention, there are already plenty of conservatives in entertainment. Perhaps the day will come when they can experience the tolerance that the left claims to own.

Transforming Reality

There has never been a relationship between a film and the coordinated attack on the US embassy in Bengazi. The fable was contrived by a man who dodges the responsibilities of his office and his sworn duties, at every turn. This office was not forced upon him. He is no prince, no king, no pontiff. He wanted this office desperately. He campaigned to get it. He has since his inauguration been derelict in his duty to preserve the constitution at every turn.

We are attacked by terrorists and Obama does nothing. Actually worse than nothing. He lies about the circumstances rather than react responsibly. Heck he lies about just about everything rather than work on a problem. His solution for almost any issue is more authority in his or governments hands; A solution that flies in the face of his life long pattern of shifting blame or responsibility.

Mitt Romney addressed the criminal negligence (my words) of the President just two days ago:

We pray that in the upcoming debate sessions between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, that the Governor continues to outline the outrageous behaviors of Mr. Obama as they relate to foreign policy and national security. Somewhere, somehow, sometime, Mr. Obama must be held to account for the choices he has made where he knowingly allowed this nation to become weaker, to risk its destruction. He has methodically divided its people and conspired to steal from them.

It remains the purview of presidential candidate Mitt Romney to highlight the failings of his opponent. Justice may only be served in the court of public opinion as just condemnation of the consistent efforts of the Obama Administration to weaken the national security of the United States of America. We pray that Mr. Romney delivers this justice in the next few weeks and does so as fearlessly as he did in the first debate.

God save the United States of America and may he remain by the side of Mitt Romney.

Not Going Anywhere In Mint Condition

It happens all too frequently. When it does, it is painful. Folks regularly question my disability. “You’re not really sick”, “You don’t need that cane”. “Wish I was a sick as you”, “How could a person who is handicapped drive THAT car” (5 speed two seater). “You look great, you’re about as sick as that Ann Romney, I can tell”. “If you are sick, why do you walk such a big dog?”

It begs the questions, “What does cancer look like?” “What does a transplant recipient look like?” “What does MS look like?” “What does epilepsy look like?” “What does loneliness look like?”

Yes, my presence often brings with it inconveniences to others. I can be extremely self-conscious and concerned for how that presence changes peoples experiences. There are people that would prefer you stay hidden. I like to think that they are the way they are because the presence of someone like me reminds them of their own vulnerability. The thought that they or a loved one could be a walking disability time bomb must be quickly dismissed. They must preserve their comfy world view.

They do not want to have to think about such unpleasantries.

Trust me, we do not demand your help, we just don’t want you to make things more difficult.

So please, the next time anyone feels the need to comment on someones appearance, manner or speech, check the man in the mirror. None of us gets out of this life in mint condition.

Our Ballots Our Bullets

Two years ago, my friend Joyce Kaufman of WFTL 850 AM radio of South Florida stood up and spoke like very few patriots can or will. In front of July 4th activist patriots, gathered at a strip mall, she reminded them of what our liberty and that of our children might require. She spoke about the sacrifices that the fight for freedom might charge us. It was a speech that would change the trajectory of her life, and possibly the nation’s.

Much like the Founders risked it all to create this blessed nation, my friend Joyce risked it all that day in a fearless and conspicuous way. She told the unvarnished truth. She told it loud and she told it proud. She painted the picture the way it was, and the way it will always be.

Watch the speech here. Joyce Kaufman: The Ballot Box or The Cartridge Box.

Her mighty words are still applicable to our nation today, two years later. Joyce Kaufman quoted Thomas Jefferson’s words, “ If ballots don’t do it bullets will”. Leftist elites didn’t like those words much like they don’t like the inspired constitution that Mr. Jefferson co-authored. Gosh how they hate our own history.

True Leaders see it differently. Malcolm X was of course not a founder, but he too knew that truth, as stated at What So Proudly We Hail by editor Diana Shaub. Schaub turns to Malcolm’s famous speech in which he declares that “If we don’t do something real soon, I think you’ll have to agree that we’re going to be forced either to use the ballot or the bullet. It’s one or the other in 1964.”

Schaub writes,

“[In this speech,] Malcolm X began to reflect on the deepest questions of law and citizenship. Discussion of the relationship between ballots and bullets has a distinguished history in American political thought. Lincoln, for instance, when he argued against the constitutionality of secession, urged us to remember “that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets; that there can be no successful appeal except to ballots themselves, at succeeding elections.” Of course, in denouncing secession, Lincoln was not denying the existence of a right of revolution—there could be situations in which ballots have not fairly and constitutionally decided. Lincoln agreed with Jefferson that where “peaceable remedies are unprovided,” the “sword of revolution” is always the ultimate resort.”

Joyce Kaufman is an original piece of God’s work. There is no doubt that the speech she gave on that day July 4, 2010 could be given again and again. There is no doubt that if the speech were given today, the left would attack it like they did in 2010. They would fallaciously using the raw emotions after the recent Colorado theater massacre in the same way that they shamelessly used the near murder of Representative Gabby Gifford.

We might ask ourselves if we are as ready and willing as Joyce to give that revolutionary speech, at risk to our lives and treasure. Would we rather just submit to slavery; It would be so much easier.

OR simply give up those “Breaking Bad” reruns, learn about the issues and then get out and vote in November and take a couple smart neighbors with you.

Since the Garden

The island on its pedestal reflected on the granite blue water beneath it. Trees part gracefully to reveal the supervision of distant steel peaks. The clouds are so few as to serve only as a highlight to perfection. Near sounds of lapping water orchestrate the lakes power to transport us to a heavenly calm.

It is so majestic as to be unworldly. This place in upstate New York, like a few other places on earth is a snapshot of Gods mighty power. It is beyond mans imagination to conceive or ability to produce. That may just be the point of it all.

Men often promise to give you heavenly things on earth in their quest for power. Mark Levin calls it Ameritopia. Mr. Levin is a brilliant man; Few are brighter. A man does not have to be a legal or biblical scholar to see that the con artists of our age who promise you the world and everything in it like the devil in the Garden of Eden, can’t give you what you already have.

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