There Is A Mole in the White House

July 30, 2014

Personal mockery is a well-oiled and perpetually used tool from the Alinsky toolbox. The right tends to shy away from it. They should get over it. If rocks are being thrown at you, its perfectly reasonable to pick them up and throw them back. Palin, Bush and their spouses and children’s were fair game to the left. If you want to take higher ground, stick to the politicians themselves.

There is one thing that has always disturbed me about Barak Obama. Always. Even before I knew anything about him. He is touted as one of the biggest intellects in the world. From the day he came on our radar I wondered why he wasn’t smart enough to get that hideous growth nestled outside his nostril removed. After all he was being sold as perfection. If he wasn’t always sticking his nose in our business, I wouldn’t pick on it (sorry).

How obtuse do you have to be to have a raisin stuck to your face and not consider removing it. Contrary to old wives tales that mark is not a thing of beauty. Although I am surprised that his sycophants have not taken to glueing one next to their noses in tribute or that the Secret Service doesn’t have a all points bulletin out for anyone carrying a fly swatter.

His voice permeates our peace almost every day. I turn away from the sound of it in hopes of avoiding a vision of that misplaced booger stubbornly resting in plain site. It is an ever present reminder of his innate inability to see reality, take responsibility, and address a problem, even when it is staring him in the face.

I cannot imagine that somewhere along the way, a dermatologist didn’t look at the thing, offer to biopsy it and then remove it. Cindy Crawford he is not.

The continual physical presence of the world’s second most famous blemish is a metaphor for his personal philosophy which goes something like “If I deem that it is not there, then it isn’t. If I say it isn’t so, its not so”. His ego will not permit him to accept its existence. If he acknowledged it, he’d find out that he isn’t a god-king after all. Gods don’t have flaws.

There I said it.

Sweet Land of Liberty

July 3, 2014

My country tis of thee 
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing  

Of thee I mourn.

On this upcoming Independence Day, many of us will mourn the country we loved from childhood, that our ancestors lived and died for.

They lived for freedom.  They died for freedom.  
They lived so that they could practice their faith without impediment.  They lived their faith so that their liberty would not be lost because the citizenry couldn’t handle the responsibility of keeping it.    Freedom was born in America to house our yearning to worship in peace, and let the other guy worship in peace as well.  

Now our freedom is gone. It is gone.  

Hundreds of thousands of men and women died to preserve it and yet its gone without so much as a signature ceremony.   

We cannot, we shall not, be able to reconstitute it from mere speeches and party politics.  In our revolution from the English Crown, the colonials threw off the tyranny of a King who saw his people only as servants to his will.   How are the people of these United States seen any differently today than they were in 1769?  We are subjects to self-appointed royalty. Interesting that the wonderful song quoted at the beginning of this writing, stole its tune from “God Save the King”.

Our religions, our faith, our culture and standards are mocked, threatened and regulated by the entitled.  Our property is up for grabs as is our very health and existence.  Our borders for all intents and purposes do  not exist.   Yet we take continuous abuse from our “betters” and take it again and again. 

The question becomes not wether or not there will be a revolution, but what kind of revolution will it be, the stealth quiet “coup” version that we see now, a slow dedication to freedom’s destruction, or must we take back our beautiful liberated land old school?  What ever way we may choose if we wish to restore our republic, it will be messy.  It will dictate that we are willing to lose everything in order to preserve the existence of liberty.  

How many folks do you know who are so willing?  

“THE SECOND FALL” is Riveting

March 16, 2014

The Second Fall

On Friday, March 16th’s THE SHREW, Our very own Anna Bee interviews accomplished author Charles Hurt, concerning his new book, “The Second Fall”.

Listen to interview here

Mr. Hurst’s “The Second Fall” can be ordered here at

From Amazon:

The Second Fall is an offbeat account of the predicted Revelation. Lucifer, under the guise of a high level political operative, uses the corrupt government and an apathetic people to initiate the final fall of mankind into his long awaited grasp. However, Christ gathers his newly chosen, a group of misfits who will become the unlikely outcasts, to wage war against this impending evil and whose efforts will determine the outcome of the world.

THE SHREW could not recommend Mr. Hurst’s new book more highly.

We also recommend listening to the latest SHREW on the player at the right hand column.

Obamacare Has Made Life with MS a Living Hell

February 25, 2014

As the story appears at The Right Scoop, Pat Carfagno:

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of unknown cause that slowly takes away a persons abilities to think, to move, to care for oneself. There is often a considerable amount of pain involved. Multiple Sclerosis does not kill. The person does not die from the disease itself but from its secondary effects.

The life span of the person with MS is not markedly changed. That is the cruelest part. As helpless as we can become, we will go on living with whatever pain and disabilities we have, almost as long as a healthy person would live.

Receiving a devastating diagnosis is often accompanied by the encouragement that science is coming up with new treatments every day. Multiple Sclerosis is evidence that this encouragement has basis in fact. In the last 15 years, new drugs with the power to slow the advance of the disease and often improve the quality of life of the people treated for MS have been developed with new powers never available before.

Since my diagnosis early in 2002, many new treatments have been developed. Avonex and Tysabri are just two that I have used. Tysabri was a real game changer for me. Tysabri is given once a month IV.

Most of the old school drugs promised to decrease the frequency of flare ups of disease, but did nothing to improve disability. Tysabri gave me new life for 5 years. Although I was still effected by the disease, Tysabri improved my quality of life! It lifted what is known as brain fog, improved my endurance and lessened the crushing fatigue that is MS. I went from frequent use of a walker, to the use of a cane. For me, it was miraculous. As frequently happens with Tysabri though, I developed some antibodies that made treatment with Tysabri no longer advisable, after years of positive results.

In 2013, Tysabri was discontinued as my treatment. There were some new drugs with great promise. The first I tried had some very disturbing and painful side effects. When that new drug was discontinued, my physician recommended that I begin taking a new pill, Drug X. The paperwork was submitted in the second week in November.

A consultation with the private drug coverage website told me I was covered for the cost of the drug minus my co-pay. I contacted my drug insurance companies eight hundred number to verify and I was told that my coverage had changed because of Obamacare. My private insurance, a benefit gained as compensation during my working years, would now only cover this drug so minimally as to be useless. In order to be treated, I must come up with approximately 50 grand a year, cash, out of pocket.

It might as well be a million.

I revisited the drug benefit website. It still told me that I was indeed covered as it had said before my insurance got involved, for the cost of the drug minus my co-pay! There may also be a deductible of about 3 grand. I called both the drug insurance and the drug company and told them that I had determined that I was covered and sent them screen shots of the on-line determination of benefits.

At the time of this writing, I have since received my first dose with observation of Drug X and suffered no detectable side effects. I am feeling much better. I’m still not sure how much this first dose will cost though and thus I do not have a full prescription filled. I’m waiting for the bill to see who is actually correct. The charge could be one hundred dollars or thousands. I still don’t know. If it is thousands, I will simply not purchase it. I will remain untreated and I will be left to the consequences of the disease. I will not bankrupt my family for the “greater good” that Obamacare alleges. I am sadly quite confident that others will be forced to make the same choice.

In a few days, it will have been longer than 3 months since the script was originally written by the doctor.

The take away from all of this is not that “poor me” has or doesn’t have access to medication. The fact is that the Obamacare formulary covers NO drugs for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Consequently, people will be denied coverage, not on the basis of their condition, but based on the price of the only existing treatments. Inclusion in the Obamacare formulary is based on per patient per drug per annum. Multiple Sclerosis? Sorry. Lupus? Any life long disease with only non-generic treatments? Sorry, no help for you.

People with MS and other neurological diseases will likely stay alive in spite of the denial of treatment, but they and their families will be burdened with their horrific quality of life. So as untreated patients can anticipate a future that includes visions of them some day lying in their own waste, they can be assured that their colonoscopy will be free.

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