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Thanksgiving, God and Joe American


My father-in-law passed away peacefully in his sleep last week.  He was 92 and the original American piece of work.  He had children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  He never wanted much, just his own way.

Joseph, was a product of the end of the first world war.  He was second generation Italian on one side, and on another had an ancestor that fought in the Civil War.  Being a history and genealogy junkie, I liked to feed him tidbits of research on his background.  Tidbits that helped strengthened his belief in his family’s foundation and confident in its  accomplishments.   He thought that it was so great that there existed an historical map of his lifetime through these tidbits, a picture of the ship from the 1800s where parts of his family had come back and forth from Italy,  the census from 1910, and his Navy discharge papers that were long lost  after his service in the South Pacific in WWII.

He was a small handsome Italian guy, blonde with blue eyes; just a regular Joe.

His history was very important to him.  It helped him know that he didn’t arrive on this earth alone.  He talked always of his city of Philadelphia, where he was born and raised and where he raised his own.  He talked of how such and such a thing ended up where, who built it and who tore it down.

He was brought to this place by the grace of God through his ancestors from places which were not nearly as prosperous as the one they were headed for.  America.  Relatives worked all means of dirty, skilled and semi-skilled jobs.    He was so proud of them.

In recent years we have been reprimanded,  warned not to be haughty over the success of the American dream and the infrastructure built by average Americans that built the strongest economy in the world.  We were told, “No, you didn’t build that”.

The American dream has almost NOTHING to do with money or entitlement.   It is uniquely American in that any average Joe, who keeps his shoulder to the wheel, and has the drive, can provide a nice living for his family and extended family.  A family history did NOTHING to hold him back.  Because his grandfather was a shoemaker, it didn’t mean he couldn’t be an electrician or a plumber or a doctor or whatever it took to thrive given his determination and abilities.   Class has nothing to do with anything in America.  Only those who wish to hold on to power or wealth and try to keep you poor and dependent will tell you that it does.

Petty Officer Joe American was buried with full ceremony and honors for his rank, with taps and a shot gun salute and the entire nine yards of military tribute.  His rank  not given due to his lineage or royalty as would have been true in Europe.  It was earned.  He was an American, a classic product of the blessed and noble American experiment wrought from the European Enlightenment.

On this Thanksgiving Day, thank God first of course, but then also thank Joe and all of his fellow veterans and family who gave us what we have and shame on those who seek to diminish it.

Aristocracy Fiddles While America Burns

Larry Schweikart’s latest book, “What Would the Founders Say”, mentions a little something called UN Agenda 21. You will most likely remember Mr. Schweikart’s best seller “A Patriots History of The United States”. If you don’t have it, demand it. Reading his new book in preparation for Sunday’s Freedom Radio, I was floored by what has heretofore been completely off my radar.

Agenda 21 can be described as the UN plan for your “sustainable” community. In the book, Mr. Schweikart does not describe it as the inspiration for the protocols or standard operating procedures of the Obama administration and his czars, but I must.

Maurice Strong, a life long committed marxist, was the lead speaker at a conference in Rio in 1992 where he presented the plan which would become UN agenda 21. Strong had been vice-president of Dome Petroleum , first executive director of the UN Environmental Programme, founder of Planetary Citizens, director of the World Future Society, founder and co-chair of the World Economic Forum, member of the Club of Rome, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Aspen Institute, and member of the UN Commission on Global Governance and UN Undersecretary. Strong presented it and the Clinton administration signed on. The US has been in on the joke ever since. Sadly, we are the object of the joke.

According to Local Agenda 21:

This global contract binds governments around the world to the UN plan for changing the ways we live, eat, learn, and communicate – all under the noble banner of saving the earth. Its regulations would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas. If implemented, it would manage and monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system.

A review of the Local Agenda 21 home page is vital to understanding what our leadership has in mind for us. Again from Local Agenda 21:

[11-6-09] Democrats Bury ‘Community Transformation’ Plans in Health Care Bill: “In the bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act, community transformation plans would be carried out using federal money and be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC would distribute the money as well as coordinate the various state, local, and ‘community’ entities responsible for carrying out the plans.
    “…both state and local governments are eligible for the grants, as are ‘national networks of community-based organizations’…. The transformation plans must include ‘activities’ for all ages, beginning in public schools, which focus on eating healthy food, adequate amounts of physical activity….’Every time our friends on the other side start talking about community organizations, we usually think ACORN…

Indeed Mr. Schweikart states in, “What Would the Founders Say

What the Founders saw as the major threat was not man’s destruction of the environment, for both other men and the market would right that in time but a runaway government obsessed with its own godlike powers intruding into everyday activities.
Certainly the Environmental Protection Agency crossed that line long ago. More ominous now though, is the international threat introduced in the Untied Nations’ “Agenda 21,” which promotes “sustainable development.” This is a code phrase for a lifestyle that would put the world back into pre-Egyptian levels of civilization. Under the rubric of Agenda 21, the secretary generals of the UN’s Rio Earth Summit stated that American middle-class lifestyles were “unsustainable” as were high meat intake, plowing of soil, single family homes – virtually anything associated with private property

Sound familiar? Sound “transformational”?

Listen to what Larry Schweikart has to say about Agenda 21 here.

If like me, this is the first you are hearing about Agenda 21, serve your nation and search the term “Agenda 21” and learn about how our presidents and their administrations have systematically sold out this nation in favor of Maurice Strong’s vision of global governance and a return to ancient and disease ridden cultures. Our men and women in uniform fight and die for our freedom in the light of day, while the ruling elites pilfer it away in back rooms and secret meetings.

Listen to the entire interview with Mr. Schweikart on May 15, 2011’s Freedom Radio as well as an update on the situation with the Ground Zero Mosque from Tim Brown FDNY vet and founder of The Bravest here.

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