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The Donalds Deal with The Devil

The deal for quick approval to Hurricane Harvey Relief money President Trump made with the Democrat leadership raised the debt ceiling temporarily for 3 months, an almost worthless gift to the Democrats, No matter what Kabuki theatre the Republicans put out there, THEY will ultimately have to raise the debt ceiling for a longer period, which was true before the deal and will remain true after the next bill. He made a deal with the Rats, gave them next to nothing and got help for Harvey victims as a work around to get the aid to TX and LA as fast as possible, sending the message to those beleaguered folks that we’ve got your back. What a concept; concern for the little guy tax payer first.

He actually un-politicized the aid to Harvey victims, by getting the job done in real time. He has proven that unlike the party hacks in Republican Leadership, Trump gives a damn. Raising the debt ceiling is nearly inevitable in any case, so what did he really give up to get the money for Texas and Louisiana? Less than nothing. In making this deal he did something of course less important than aid to Harvey victims; He emphasized that a demon republican elite class is not relevant to the advancement of the Trump’s agenda, because the Elites have made themselves so.
Republicans acting like leftist Democrats make working with the literal Democrats not only not a betrayal, but necessary.

Back in 2010 when so many of us backed Allen West for congress who promised he would not vote to raise the debt ceiling, within a week of getting sworn in, he voted to raise the debt ceiling and joined the congressional black caucus. These kinds of betrayals have become a regular staple of the political diet of the American people. What is in the tap water up there in the District of Criminals? I suspect its Lithium…..or LSD…..or both; The drugs would make the politico’s totally screwed up and really happy about it.

I rest my case.

But at the same time the President sent a message to McConnell and Ryan. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and they have proven time and time again to be the enemy of the peoples agenda. Remember folks what the DC Republican crowd called the tea partiers after they got them the House and Senate? Everything BUT Nazi’s! Now we are talking betrayal.

What is stopping the GOP leadership from pushing a long term debt ceiling agreement in December? Zero. But the deal did serve to make McConnell swallow his lower lip. There is a pic in the WSJ of him with the DEM leadership and he looks like he is in total shock. Couldn’t happen to a nicer jack ass.*

From the Wall Street Journal –
“ Privately, Senate Republican aides said the deal registered as a rebuke, following a stormy summer in which Senate Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and chastised Mr. Trump for his remarks re Charlottesville. Republicans – the stupid party.”


*For more go to the Daily Signal and Weasel Zippers, Bloomberg TV, Wall Street Journal and One America News Network.

Ryan Reform Redux

Early last evening, I took the time to read the new and improved Ryan Budget Plan in its entirety Read the bill here.

First, my praise to the brave Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin for giving it another shot, no matter how unlikely its success. He is aware that yet again, a budget bill written by the Republican House will be ignored in the narrowly controlled Democrat Senate, unless Republican Minority leader, Mitch McConnell again somehow manages to engineer a vote on a doomed budget in spite of Harry Reid.

No matter who forces the vote in the Senate, it will be rejected by the Democrats> This is the underlying point of this exercise. The House has done its job as dictated by our laws. How refreshing.

Eight months ago or so, as mentioned previously, a similar exercise took place.

At that time, I fashioned my own version of long term budget reform. It has its moments, but anyone who has ever had to do so knows that THIS is how you cut a budget. Long term budget reform is defined by making good budgets for a long time into the future, versus taking forever to reform our no existent budget. The Cold Turkey method may be painful, but you gotta love the result. This Twelve Step Program addresses the underlying problem, going straight to the source of the pain.

From Freedom Radio Rocks, July 201l,
Twelve Step Program for Bureaucratic Spending Addiction

Dear members of the US House of Representatives;

This is how many Americans would prefer that you begin the process of ending the practices associated with what will heartofore be known as your Bureaucrat Spending Addiction and beginning the process of cutting the reckless spending of our hard earned tax dollars:

1. Put the last existing federal budget on a searchable Excel spread sheet.

2. Use search terms like “museum, poetry, sexual habits, awareness, bike paths, parks , outreach, recreation, entertainment, fairness” to highlight line items that include such terms.

3. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

4. Search all federal government employees salary budgets and expense accounts and reduce by budgets by 24%, which is the percentage of GDP that is national debt. Note that this same procedure should be followed in each fiscal year.

5. Once search is complete, select all, hit apply.

6. Search for any item that includes the terms “jobs” or “retraining”.

7. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

8. Search again for the term “department”

9. Within that department search, highlight all departments that have no relation to national security and defense or tax collection and Social Security or Medicare maintenance, paying special attention to see that the Oshamnocare is highlighted.

10. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

11. Search for all countries on terrorist watch list receiving foreign aid.

12. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

These 12 steps should be repeated every year until our national debt is beneath 4% and be used every year thereafter to keep it there. These steps are only a good start, and by no means preclude any further cuts or future cuts in the federal budget.

My office is always open.

Ryans budget or any future legally passed budget needs to be based on the last legally passed budget.

The Trash Heap has spoken.

Ryan and Hamilton Rock Freedom Radio

Freedom Radio Rocks accepted world views every week with news on national security and the military that the MSM & Faux News just can’t seem to fit in between trampolining bears, skate boarding boston terriers, Dick Morris and those madcap Kardashians.

This Wednesday at 10 AM EST, Freedom Radio‘s Tim Sumner of 911 Families of Safe and Strong America and Pat Carfagno of Freedom Radio welcome Col. Frank Ryan USMC retired.

Col. Frank Ryan served approximately 33 years both in active and reserved duty in the marines.

His most recent tour of active duty being in 2005 at the tender age of 53 where he served on Tommy Franks staff in Iraq. His specialty being economic warfare . He is a successful business man, President of F.X.Ryan and CPA with an MBA, who has helped a remarkable 181 out of 187 clients sty out of bankruptcy.

Needless to say, business is booming.

Pat and Colonel Ryan will discuss the economy, politics and of course the latest on the Haditha trials. See Col. Ryans latest article at American Thinker, “A Generation Losing Hope; the Shattering of the American Dream”.

Tim Sumner welcomes back Heidi Hamilton who has faithfully been in attendance observing the Haditha related trials. Heidi returns to discuss the trial of Sgt. Frank Wuterich, the last of the 8 Haditha marines, the plea deal, sentencing and the implications of both.

Hey Jack Murtha? Hot enough for ya?

Join us, everyone. We report only the facts as they are, so there is no decision to make. Its a Shemp Smith free zone.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Col. Frank Ryan and Abdirizak Bihi

Freedom Radio, November 2, 2011 Wednesday morning at 10 AM EST has the distinct honor and pleasure to welcome Colonel Frank Ryan, USMC, retired.

Col. Ryan has more military, business and professional experience than any or all of the current Presidential candidates. Col Ryan is a retired Marine and CPA who served on General Tommy Franks staff in Iraq, as an expert in economic warfare. When forming his staff, Gen. Franks said, “Get me Ryan”. His decades of public service have not ended with his retirement from the military.

For nearly twenty years, Frank Ryan has been president of the small business he founded – F. X. Ryan & Associates, a Lebanon County, Pennsylvania-based management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and working capital management. He has extensive experience in business process redesign.

We can find Col. Ryan’s work and commentary at IBD and American Thinker.
Read his latest work here.

It is a further privilege to have Mr. Abdirizak Bihi join Freedom Radio. Mr. Bihi is the executive director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, and is driven to save at risk teens by the memory of his 18 year old nephew, who was recruited to fight in Somalia and died there.

Mr. Bihi bravely testified at the Congressman Peter Kings Congressional hearings on terrorism back in March, and his testimony was invaluable. Watch his testimony here. We will expand upon Mr. Bihi’s testimony and bring home the importance and relevance of each aspect of the struggle of the Somali immigrants in America to remain free, as its critical relationship to the survival of the American experience of freedom and our national security.

Learn more about the King Hearings at the Liberty Alliance.

Latest developments related to the terror inflicted on American Somalis can be found here and here.

Of course Freedom Radio’s National Security Update with Tim Sumner of Liberty Alliance and 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America is our MOAB in the struggle against Islamofascism.

John Boehner, Meet The Great Gretzky

Eric Erickson of Red State wrote the following in today’s Morning Briefing:

On Fox News Sunday, John Boehner began the day saying that he wanted a deal that kept to the principles of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” He concluded Sunday by telling House Republicans that Cut, Cap, and Balance was off the table due to Senate opposition.

Twice the House GOP has staked out a position. Twice they have been shot up and beat to hell by the Democrats for daring to do so. Twice their leaders then threw in the towel on their plans. First on Paul Ryan’s plan and now this.

No wonder so many House Republicans are privately expressing so much anger at their leadership.

Read more >here.

Any political junky knows that politics ain’t bean bag and it ain’t horse shoes either. Its more like Ice Hockey, where there is a fight scheduled and suddenly a game breaks out. Lord knows that these guys in Washington haven’t even scheduled the fight yet.

At dinner last evening, hubby mentioned a speech given by a former boss of his, a true leader. In that speech, the boss used the great Wayne Gretzky as an example of what leadership was, sprinkling his speech with some of Gretzky’s great quotes. I found the discussion inspiring and naturally being a political junky my mind went to the usual places.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

“All the discussion is about the Trillions we’re going to cut, a remarkable change in Washington DC….I will continue to work with the members of the House and Senate within the framework of Cut Cap & Balance”. John Boehner

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” Wayne Gretzky

“It could come together……a preferable path would be a bipartisan plan that would involve all the leaders but it is to early to say that that is possible.” John Boehner

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. Wayne Gretzky

Moody’s, S & P and foreign markets will look at our government’s painful slow grinding procrastination as “skating where the puck was” and drop that credit rating like a goalie’s teeth on Philadelphia ice.

Speaker Boehner, lead, follow, or get back behind the glass.

Bila, Rigell & Ryan Rock Freedom Radio

Join us Sunday June 26 Live at 8 pm EST on Freedom Radio with Jedediah Bila. Ms. Bila’s new book, Outnumbered, Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative, is a columinist and commentator who has contributed to the Daily Caller and Human Events. She can frequently be seen on both Fox News and Fox Business, and may be espeically known for her appearances on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Watch videos of Jedidiah here.

She has been a guest on many of only the best radio shows including The Tammy Bruce Show and the Sean Hannity Show. She holds a Masters degress from Columbia.

Rep. Scott Rigell, R, VA also joins us. The Marine Corps runs deep in the Congressman’s family. His father is an Iwo Jima Marine; Scott served six years in the Marine Corps Reserve while attending college; and Scott and his wife of 30 years, Teri, are proud of their son, Justus who is a Marine. As a Freshman class congressman, he is a member of the the House Armed Services Committee, the Committee on Homeland Security, and the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

It is our pleasure to speak to the Congressman on issues brought to the fore at recent meetings of the Homeland Security Committee. Listen to clip here:

Also join us to speak with
Col. Frank Ryan (USMC, retired) Col. Ryan has more military and business experience than all of the Republican Presidential candidates in total. Actually you can throw in the current President and it won’t make a dime’s worth of difference. Col Ryan is a reitred Marine who served on General Tommy Franks staff in Iraq, as an expert in economic warfare. When forming his staff, Gen. Franks said, “Get me Ryan”. His decades of public service have not ended with his retirement from the military.

Frank Ryan worked full time at night to pay for college, and graduated first in his class, summa cum laud, with a BS degree in economics. He completed a 24 month MBA graduate program in finance in 10 months with similar academic results, and he became a Pennsylvania Certified Public Accountant the first time he took the test. (not a standard expectation for aspiring CPAs)

For nearly twenty years, Frank Ryan has been president of the small business he founded – F. X. Ryan & Associates, a Lebanon County, Pennsylvania-based management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and working capital management. He has extensive experience in business process redesign.

His credentials go on and on, but presently, we can find his work and commentary at IBD and American Thinker.
Read his latest work here and here.

And of course, producer Tim Sumner joins us via Al Gore’s amazing iternet with Freedom Radio’s penultimate National Security Update.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Perlson & Ryan

Join us tonight at 8 pm EST on Freedom Radio as Bev Perlson and Col. Frank Ryan discuss the yesterdays Freedom Radio Rocks post
Adding Injury to Insult which explains the impact of the latest Obamanation. This nearly untenable failure of oversight of our armed services cannot be overlooked any longer by our leadership. This cannot stand!

Bev Perlson’s invaluable work can be found at Band of Mothers.

Col. Frank Ryan, USMC retired, is a career veteran who served on Gen. Tommy Franks staff who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an expert in economic warfare. He is a successful businessman and CPA who specializes in keeping companies out of bankruptcy. He is currently a candidate for Auditor General in the state of Pennsylvania. His latest article at American Thinker explains why he is running. His work has also been found at Investors Business Daily. You can also find him on facebook.

Freedom Radio, Tonight, Sunday April 3 8 pm EST.

Adding Injury to Insult

The late Geraldine Ferraro is being lauded as a figure who blazed a trail for women in American politics. That sentiment has a nugget of truth to it, but only a nugget. This article is not focused on diminishing the dead who are clearly not here to defend themselves. Quite the opposite. This article attempts to put things into perspective. The beatification of Geraldine Ferraro is shamelessly being used by desperate Democrats to say, “Hey, American women! Remember us? We’re the party that brought you to the table!”. It is a disgrace. It is a miniature version of the Paul Wellstone funeral.

The people most responsible for the strong foundation of the rights of American women are those who risk everything for all the people of our country. In this lies true courage and fearless trailblazing. Ask women like Governor Sarah Palin, Bev Perlson, Vicki Behenna and other mothers of soldiers who the best of us are.

Trailblazing is not the dharma of politicians. Leaders lead. Politicians follow. Lets look at the Democrat saviors of women’s rights and the equally weak kneed Republicans as well, to see what behavior they are endorsing at this writing, if only bydefault.

You simply cannot make this stuff up; While we are engaged in at least three theaters of war, female soldiers are being pressured to wear hijabs on the battlefield.

H/t to Joyce Kaufman of 850 WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale.

Caroline May of the Daily Caller reports:

“Retired Col. Martha McSally, whose grievance about being forced to wear the Muslim abaya while stationed in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s resulted in 2002 legislation outlawing the practice of making female soldiers wear Muslim religious garb in Saudi Arabia, told The Daily Caller that the sanctity of the uniform should not be sullied with outside accessories like the hijab.

‘Another thing that makes this inappropriate is that they are wearing it with their uniform,” she said. “All the services have several-hundred-page regulations about what is appropriate and is not appropriate to wear with the uniform, and we have very strict guidelines … You are representing the United States government. You are wearing the U.S. military uniform, and it confuses what you are representing when you add this to the uniform.’

In mid-February one of the sponsors of the 2002 legislation that outlawed the practice of making female soldiers in Saudi Arabia wear the abaya, Rhode Island Democratic Rep. James Langevin, wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates requesting more information about soldiers in headscarves.

‘I understand the mission in Afghanistan is drastically different than the situation our female troops faced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10 years ago,’ Langevin wrote. ‘However I am interested to know the precise policies or operating instructions that are currently being employed with regard to the garments worn by female service members in Afghanistan and other Muslim nations.’
Langevin continues to wait for a response.’ “

Read entire article here.

It is a violation of the uniform code and an imposition of dhimminitude on America’s bravest. “Next we’ll be asking the male soldiers to grow untrimmed beards in violation of field hygiene standards”, stated Tim Sumner of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America.

Note the picture at the Daily Caller of the women who are wearing hijabs, but not field helmets. Oh, hooray for the rights of women to be shot in the head by the enemy! Here we have adding injury to insult, if not death.

The point solidified by the recent work of Diana West who writes,

“ The way Islam treats women stinks = verbal disrespect for Islam. The verses of the Qur’an that call for jihad against infidels are heinous = insulting the Qur’an. Tut, tut: ISAF, veritable mouthpiece of the coming caliphate, deems such talk “inappropriate” and “blasphemy” — which just might win them an extra pillow at the foot of the caliph’s throne.”

Read the complete article here.

These policies of submission oppress and endanger our American female soldiers while subjugating all of our soldiers and by extention further diminish thuman beings everywhere.

Call your representative and senator today and let them know what you think of the conditions under which they are asking our bravest to fight.

Wishing Geraldine Ferraro were alive today, I suspect that as a proud feminist, she would not ask a daughter or son of hers to serve in any capacity in a diminished status. If anything, that would be what made her great.

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