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Day 104-America Held Hostage (rev1 June 29)

June 29, 2020

The DNC seeks taxpayer bailout money for their bankrupt cities and states while holding Americans hostage using our economic freedom for leverage. Americans don’t much care for it. The DNC is the ultimate benefit of the money donated on line to BLM via the DNC’s money laundering system, ActBlue. BLM rioters are rarely black but 7 to 1 white, so that whites rule BLM.

As red states struggle to open for business after picking up the shattered pieces of their economies, and as the number of Covid19 deaths (the only statistic that matters) decreases to .26% (less than 1% for those of you trapped in city schools). The lies told by the liars who created them, the lefty mayors and governors are caught breaking their own tyrannical nonsensical lockdown rules on a daily basis. Rioting is ok, church is bad.

Just a few of my favorites:

Stay home, do not travel unless necessary.

All Covid 19 infected contagious seniors must go to nursing             homes.  

Only one person is permitted in a row boat.

It is safe to ride the subway.  

 If you go to the beach, only walk on the wet sand.  

Stay indoors for your health. 

Liquor stores open AA meetings are forbidden.

Madam Pelosi is third in line to the throne at 80 years old and isn’t smart enough to use daily polygrip. Biden is so lost he doesn’t know he’s lost. We sure hope someone has taken possession of his car keys. He’ll choose an Obama loyalist for VP who will ultimately allow for rule in the shadows by dictator wanna-be’s when Biden steps down.

Imagine Cuomo in charge of a national health plan after his policy of sending sick Covid19 seniors to “recover” in nursing homes or the likes of Garcetti as commander in chief of the military. The stupidity of the lies and the liars that use them, is terrifying. We should be terrified for our offspring. The DNC wants to RULE, not govern.

Civil War battles repeat every night in our major cities. These cities are under total control of the left which directly benefits from the shakedown of mid to large size companies by BLM at their website. The Rats want to drive small businesses and all signs of the middle class out of the city, so that they can rule over a largely dependent class with unquestioned authority, much like their Democrat ancestors ruled their plantations, much like they rule BLM. The cities are the new plantations and the residents are now their newly minted slaves. If the fascists get their wish, the 600,000 people who gave their lives in our original Civil War will just be a beginning.

We are again at Civil War. Black Lives Matter is a racist organization.

American Lives Matter, all of them.


August 8, 2019

The #americanleft didn’t wake up just recently hating those who now suddenly have “become” #whitesupremacists. /s  #DonaldTrump simply whipped off their outer skin for the left’s real snake-like underbelly to be revealed. #Theswamp has always considered us to be vermin.

This is hardly new.

They are desperate now and will try anything…ANYTHING to regain their former power and remove our knowledge of just what they are. We cannot un-see.  Our demise would mean less than zero to them. We’d be an after thought, mist, not even collateral damage. Most of them cannot even define the American Dream. All they know is that they do not want you to have it.

Send Her Back

July 18, 2019

Some conservatives have voiced their displeasure with the chanting of “Send her back” at last nights presidential rally/blowout.   We’re supposed to be like the Jews, Gypsies and Gay people in 1930’s Germany and passively say nothing like voiceless sheep, while the DNC creates militant domestic violent terrorist front groups like Occupy and Antifa to keep the citizen in line.

I will settle for Omar being tried for tax and immigration fraud followed by the inevitable chant, “Lock her up!”

Excerpt from article written by Kurt Schlicter at townhall:

“Of course, the famously passive American people of the heartland would sit back and just accept all this hate and oppression . Or at least, the leftists probably assume we would. After all, they don’t really know many Americans who aren’t in college or living in Brooklyn or Scat Francisco. And they don’t know any history, since American history is just a litany of racist oppression and injustice and stuff. Lexington? Isn’t that a hip new neighborhood in Portland full of bands we probably never heard of? Concord?  Isn’t that a plane that causes global warming?”

How about we all break out in song: “I’m a racist, you’re a racist, he’s a racist, she’s a racist…..” (as sung to the tune of ‘I’m a Pepper)”.

What? Too soon?

We’re supposed to sit back without objection and listen to the blaring sound of our daily verbal beat downs in the form of unending leftist media propaganda, while an innocent, unarmed, observing reporter/photographer gets an unsolicited and horribly bloody beat down. We are to remain further silent while the DNC lame stream media applauds the actions of the terrorist Antifa.

We are to be mute while the left advocates stealing your life savings to support ILLEGAL aliens.  Suppose for a moment that we on the right advocated importing illegals to work so that they could be taxed to pay for Americans citizens FREE healthcare?

Hey Omar! Tough noogies.

Twelve Step Program for Swamp Spending Addiction

November 7, 2018

This is an  updated spending discipline plan that I offered to the Republican members of the house years ago.  They failed to act in any way.  I now offer the same basic  program to President Trump and Larry Kudlow;  Gratis of course.

 Swamp Spending Addiction Program

Dear Mr. President

This is how many Americans would prefer that you begin the process of ending the practices associated with what will be known heretofore as Swamp Bureaucrat Spending Addiction (SBSA) and beginning the process of cutting the reckless spending of our hard earned tax dollars:

1. Put the last existing federal budget on a searchable Excel spread sheet.

2. Use search terms like “museum, poetry, pottery, sexual habits, awareness, bike paths, parks , outreach, recreation, entertainment, fairness” to highlight line items that include such terms.

3. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

4. Search all federal government  budgets and expense accounts and reduce by the percentage of GDP that is the percentage of the national debt. Note that this same procedure should be followed in each fiscal year.

5. Once search is complete, select all, hit apply.

6. Search for any item that includes the terms “jobs” or “retraining”.  We have full employment, retraining at taxpayers expense is not an option.

7. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

8. Search again for the term “department”

9. Within that department search, highlight all departments that have no relation to national security and defense or tax collection and Social Security or Medicare, Medicaid maintenance, paying special attention to see that the Obamacare is highlighted.

10. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

11. Search for all countries on terrorist watch list receiving foreign aid.

12. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.  You now have a new budget.

These 12 steps should be repeated every year until our national debt is beneath 4% and be used every year thereafter to keep it there. These steps are only a good start, and by no means preclude any further cuts or future cuts in the federal budget.

My office is always open.

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