West is West and Left is Left

January 2, 2011

Congressman-Elect Lt. Colonel Allen West will be sworn in on Wednesday, January 5, 2011. He won an election in Florida’s 22nd district in a highly Democrat area by an astounding 9 points, in a race that has been described by all sides as one of the dirtiest in history.

Interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning, were Congressman Elect West and Senator Elect Mike Lee (R) of Utah.

The interview had some genuinely funny moments. However, its tough to imagine that belly laughs were Mr. Wallace’s goal.

(video here)

In the walk up to asking Colonel West about the appointment of Joyce Kaufman as his Chief-of-Staff, Mr. Wallace not-so-slickly asked Senator-elect Lee of his appointment of an ex lobbyist as his Chief-of-Staff.

Wow, hard news, Chris, take it easy!

An press picture of Joyce Kaufman, Colonel Wests original Chief-of-Staff choice popped on screen during Mr. Lee’s question, Wallace said, “Sorry, that’s the wrong person”.

If Colonel West had been in a politically induced coma up to that point of the interview, he was now awake and knew that questioning his choice of Chief-of-Staff was next.

If you are thinking that was the amusing part, well not quite, but hang in there.

The Colonel was then asked if he had learned anything from the controversy over his appointment of Kaufman. His answer was in a quick, “No”. He further explained that in fact, he had sought and gotten Kaufman’s help in identifying and recruiting his new Chief-of-Staff to replace her!

The question asked was based on the bogus premise that Kaufman’s appointment was a mistake. It wasn’t, at least not in the way that Wallace might like to believe it was.

And of course, it only took a couple hours for the left to lambast West’s answer as not credible by the Washington Post.

So here comes the tragically amusing part; In neither Chris’ Wallace’s interview nor in the Washington Post article , do the alleged journalists reveal the actual story behind their shallow and fallacious attempts at making headlines rather than reporting them.

The real story remains, as usual, for pajama-clad citizens such as I to reveal and it is as follows:

A former political science major and adult education teacher, Eliza Martinez has been arrested by the FBI for calling in a threat of a shooting in the Broward County schools, which terrified over 230,000 children in Broward County, Florida. Eliza Martinez (only her latest pseudonym among many) had called into a radio station in South Florida attempting to align herself and her actions with conservative radio host of WFTL, 850 AM, Joyce Kaufman. The terrorist threat was made to smear Kauffman, conservative talk radio as a whole, and Lt. Colonel Allen West most of all, as violent radicals.

Kaufman quickly stepped down. The brilliant and ever realistic Kaufman now realized that as long as she remained the Chief-of-Staff for Colonel West, he would be pressured to spend time defending his alliance with her and every remark she had ever made, taken out of context and twisted, clipped, shaken, stirred and put out there for whatever purpose of the day the left has on their schedule.

Wallace asks Colonel West if HE learned anything from the controversy.
The Washington Compost remarks that HE didn’t learn anything from the firestorm of the appointment. What they most deliberately fail to mention is that a person from the LEFT initiated the threats and the LEFT wing press wrote the controversy, and the LEFT manufactured the firestorm and the LEFT keeps perpetuating the deception.

We are left to wonder, when the Lamestream Media will tire of being no more than fodder for pajama bedecked bloggers and yellow liner for unattended bird cages. This will not happen until they begin to see that the story here, was the terror inflicted upon the people of Broward County, and exactly who was responsible for it.

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