Obamacare’s Repeal Is Directly Linked to the Level of Dedication of GOP Leadership

January 19, 2011

It could arguably be said that Obamacare was the impetus for the creation of the Tea Parties. Few could deny that that momentum took back the House of Representatives under the mantel of the Republican party. Among the elected are a groundbreaking number of young outstanding conservative lions, male, female, black and white.
The next election is yet another great opportunity for conservatives, and a challenge for Republicans.

Note to Boehner; Don’t blow it. You are not speaker because of your lovely tan, or because somehow you’ve earned it. You have a job to do and if you don’t get it done, conservatives will find someone who will.

Next comes, the Presidential election of 2012. Lets not ignore the opportunity that the 2012 Senatorial elections present. One third of the Senatorial seats will, as always, be up for grabs.

However the conservatives are presented with a rare chance this election, since the majority of Senate seats (21 of 33) involved in the upcoming election belong to Democrats who previously voted for Obamacare. So to say that any Repeal passed by the House, cannot pass the Senate is horsehockey.

There is nothing that motivates a politician like survival. Democrats will be banging down leaderships door for clandestine permission to vote for repeal, and those that don’t get Pelosi’s go ahead, well may vote for repeal without her green light.

Hat Tip to the Amazing Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation who’s formula for repeal appears in today’s Foundry:

If the supporters of a full repeal of Obamacare don’t use the Senate’s rules to force a vote on full repeal, don’t take them seriously when they say they are really want to repeal President Obama’s de facto government takeover of health care.

Read full article here

So when the elite opportunist RINOs seek only to maintain the DC status quo by merely making the right noises about repealing Obamacare, let them boldly know that should Obamacare not be repealed, you will make note of their failure to act in earnest and will focus on their political demise. Every Republican incumbent can thus look forward to an intense primary battle down the road.

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