Freedom Radio Rocks with Col. Frank Ryan and Abdirizak Bihi

November 1, 2011

Freedom Radio, November 2, 2011 Wednesday morning at 10 AM EST has the distinct honor and pleasure to welcome Colonel Frank Ryan, USMC, retired.

Col. Ryan has more military, business and professional experience than any or all of the current Presidential candidates. Col Ryan is a retired Marine and CPA who served on General Tommy Franks staff in Iraq, as an expert in economic warfare. When forming his staff, Gen. Franks said, “Get me Ryan”. His decades of public service have not ended with his retirement from the military.

For nearly twenty years, Frank Ryan has been president of the small business he founded – F. X. Ryan & Associates, a Lebanon County, Pennsylvania-based management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and working capital management. He has extensive experience in business process redesign.

We can find Col. Ryan’s work and commentary at IBD and American Thinker.
Read his latest work here.

It is a further privilege to have Mr. Abdirizak Bihi join Freedom Radio. Mr. Bihi is the executive director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, and is driven to save at risk teens by the memory of his 18 year old nephew, who was recruited to fight in Somalia and died there.

Mr. Bihi bravely testified at the Congressman Peter Kings Congressional hearings on terrorism back in March, and his testimony was invaluable. Watch his testimony here. We will expand upon Mr. Bihi’s testimony and bring home the importance and relevance of each aspect of the struggle of the Somali immigrants in America to remain free, as its critical relationship to the survival of the American experience of freedom and our national security.

Learn more about the King Hearings at the Liberty Alliance.

Latest developments related to the terror inflicted on American Somalis can be found here and here.

Of course Freedom Radio’s National Security Update with Tim Sumner of Liberty Alliance and 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America is our MOAB in the struggle against Islamofascism.

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