Ryan Reform Redux

March 21, 2012

Early last evening, I took the time to read the new and improved Ryan Budget Plan in its entirety Read the bill here.

First, my praise to the brave Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin for giving it another shot, no matter how unlikely its success. He is aware that yet again, a budget bill written by the Republican House will be ignored in the narrowly controlled Democrat Senate, unless Republican Minority leader, Mitch McConnell again somehow manages to engineer a vote on a doomed budget in spite of Harry Reid.

No matter who forces the vote in the Senate, it will be rejected by the Democrats> This is the underlying point of this exercise. The House has done its job as dictated by our laws. How refreshing.

Eight months ago or so, as mentioned previously, a similar exercise took place.

At that time, I fashioned my own version of long term budget reform. It has its moments, but anyone who has ever had to do so knows that THIS is how you cut a budget. Long term budget reform is defined by making good budgets for a long time into the future, versus taking forever to reform our no existent budget. The Cold Turkey method may be painful, but you gotta love the result. This Twelve Step Program addresses the underlying problem, going straight to the source of the pain.

From Freedom Radio Rocks, July 201l,
Twelve Step Program for Bureaucratic Spending Addiction

Dear members of the US House of Representatives;

This is how many Americans would prefer that you begin the process of ending the practices associated with what will heartofore be known as your Bureaucrat Spending Addiction and beginning the process of cutting the reckless spending of our hard earned tax dollars:

1. Put the last existing federal budget on a searchable Excel spread sheet.

2. Use search terms like “museum, poetry, sexual habits, awareness, bike paths, parks , outreach, recreation, entertainment, fairness” to highlight line items that include such terms.

3. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

4. Search all federal government employees salary budgets and expense accounts and reduce by budgets by 24%, which is the percentage of GDP that is national debt. Note that this same procedure should be followed in each fiscal year.

5. Once search is complete, select all, hit apply.

6. Search for any item that includes the terms “jobs” or “retraining”.

7. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

8. Search again for the term “department”

9. Within that department search, highlight all departments that have no relation to national security and defense or tax collection and Social Security or Medicare maintenance, paying special attention to see that the Oshamnocare is highlighted.

10. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

11. Search for all countries on terrorist watch list receiving foreign aid.

12. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

These 12 steps should be repeated every year until our national debt is beneath 4% and be used every year thereafter to keep it there. These steps are only a good start, and by no means preclude any further cuts or future cuts in the federal budget.

My office is always open.

Ryans budget or any future legally passed budget needs to be based on the last legally passed budget.

The Trash Heap has spoken.

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