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Freedom Radio Welcomes Stefano and Vadum

Freedom Radio welcomes Jennifer Stefano and Matthew Vadum.

Jennifer Stefano is co chair of the Loyal Opposition in Philadelphia, and the former Director of Policy, Labor and Energy at Americans for Prosperity, now its State Director for Pennsylvania and a frequent contributor on the Fox News Channel most often seen on Hannity and Cavuto.

Matthew Vadum returns to Freedom Radio and we are honored to have him. He is the Editor of Organization Trends and Foundation Watch, and a columnist for Front Page Magazine. Most recently, Vadum is also the author of the new and timely book Subversion which is the definitive work on the Democrat and presidential ties to ACORN, now known to be behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Read more about Subversion here.

Join us to talk about the news the Media is afraid of.

JICYMI, here is the podcast

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Our very special Memorial Day Episode THE SHREW podcast is up and its good! We have very special musical tributes to those who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.

Go here to listen to the show in its entirety. You can also listen to our very exclusive report from Selma on the Chicago Nato riots. As if that were not plenty of show, we further welcomed back Ms. Kandy Korn! Listen to Kandy’s latest report on the fictionalization of America here.

Happy Memorial Day everyone and remember why we celebrate it.

Freedom Radio Heads West

Diana West, syndicated columist and author of “The Death of the Grown-up” returns to Freedom Radio. Ms. West will discuss with show host Tim Sumner the subject of her lastest article Obama Should Pardon The Leavenworth 10.

Tim Sumner is the co-founder of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America.


Shrews Anna and Pat leave liberalism in teeny tiny pieces on the ground. THE SHREW discuss the stories the MSM and Fox ignore. While they are showing you the John Edwards trial, the Left is attempting to resurrect the Law of the Sea Treaty or LOST which is an instrument that gives our national soverignty away free and clear. Did they mention that, no. Did they mention that the money in the so called Stimulous Act dedicated to saving people from forclosure went straight to state coffers and never helped a soul?

Join us at Freedom Radio for a show loaded with horseplay but no bull.

We also welcome back to THE SHREW, Bullshitzer Prize winning journalist, Ms. Kandy Korn.

Join the fun on THE SHREW at 646 478 5613

Field Trip

Here we sit, my doggy and me with the entire beautiful world before us. The sky is bright blue, the ocean water dark blue as we rest away from the bright sun on our covered porch. Nothing is here to bother us. It seems the entire world is elsewhere. We only know it exists by the evidence of it left behind. Empty homes sit with naked decks and fraying paint. The only sounds you can hear are the roar of the ocean, an occasional gull and the rare voice off in the distance.

Every third house or so has a resident with a dog or two.
We may have died and gone to heaven. It must have been a pleasant quick death for neither of us seems to be aware of it, or unhappy about it. It must be heaven because the few people that are here are all happy to be with each other We are told at home that that doesn’t exist in nature.

It simply must be heaven because there is no rap music. Good call.

The dogs make friends rather quickly and remember each other from day to day. How wonderful to not have to remember names but then again, there is that butt smelling thing. The dogs as always, make our human friends for us. After all, how bad can the next person be if my dog likes him; The dogs always like Mel Gibson, but then again so do I.

It seems that nature and its peace have a quite magical effect on Gods creations. It takes only a few moments to be humbled by the greatness of His work. The dog is even impressed, having never seen the ocean before. Sure at home we have trees and cats and squirrels and fox, but nothing like this! We don’t have dolphin or whale or fish in our back yard. Ike adds, “ And no grass! I can just poop anywhere I want! (mom takes care of my business)!” How did all this get here? His first day was confusing and a bit anxious for him, but now on his second day, Ike is clearly thinking that indeed he kind of likes the place.

Sometimes we need to get away, just to remember what life is as God created it. He wants us to take the occasional field trip, so that we recognize heaven when we see it. 
A little taste is just enough to wet your appetite.

The Shrew

In our May 10th episode, THE SHREW welcomes our latest contributor Bullshitzer Prize winning DC investigator Ms. Kandy Korn. Ms. Korn makes her debut with a ground breaking report on Obama’s Third World cheerleaders.

Listen here and here.


Shrews Anna and Pat leave liberalism in teeny tiny pieces on the ground. There’s a new broom ready job for Joe Biden. THE SHREW discuss the impact of liberalism’s moral relativism on our freedom.

We also welcome to THE SHREW, Bullshitzer Prize winning journalist, Ms. Kandy Korn.

10 AM Thursday on Freedom Radio

(uughh, burp) I ate Obama for breakfast.”

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