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THE SHREW Do it For Greater Glory

THE SHREW welcome their first guest on Thursday June 14 EST. He is Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation. You can follow him @BrianHDarling . His latest work Big Agriculture: The Queen of Corporate Welfare tells us about what our so called Tea Party favorites will be doing to stem the tide of big spending. Not.

The Senate and the House will slip by us and flush 1 Trillion Dollars down the loo. Its vital that you are informed on this which is why of course the MSM isn’t talking about it. But YOU can count on THE SHREW.

Here is the BS and here is the truth.

Anna and Pat will also discuss whats coming up with the Supreme Court and the impact the Obamacare Mandate will have on the nation should the SC not step up and enforce the constitution. Pat and Anna will also discuss the earth shattering historically accurate film For Greater Glory with Andy Garcia, and why Hollywood will never fall in love with this film.

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Tim Sumner of Freedom Radio is on Hiatus this week and will return next week with Freedom Radio.

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