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Court-martial of SFC Walter Taylor would be: ‘about intimidating future soldiers on the battleground’

Accused Army Sergeant First Class Walter Taylor with defense lawyer James Culp outside the Law Center, Bamberg, Germany, June 21, 2012. Photo credit: Stars & Stripes.

James Culp, the civilian defense counsel representing Army Sergeant First Class Walter Taylor, joined me Wednesday on Freedom Radio. In part, Culp said:

“If this impossible situation with this incredible NCO goes to court-martial, what is the outcome, what is the potential chilling affect on the soldiers on the battleground? … If this case goes forward to court martial, the government knows it will lose, they can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sergeant Taylor is guilty of a crime in this scenario.

“But, and more importantly, if it goes forward, I don’t think it really matters to the powers that be whether they win or lose because it’s not the conviction of Sergeant Taylor that perhaps they would be looking for, but rather, the chilling affect on the soldiers on the battleground. Because here is what they’re going to say, “If this impossible situation with this exceptional NCO results in a court-martial, then holy cow, then my situation certainly would because I am half the NCO Sergeant Taylor is and my facts aren’t nearly that complicated, so maybe I should wait and hesitate.” So, in my opinion, this entire situation is an exercise in forced hesitation by intimidation. That is, they’re intimidating the future soldiers on the ground who are going to be operating under the ROE to wait, and wait, and wait.”

An overstatement? Read the reports here, here, here, and here, or just listen to the full audio of the interview.

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You will also hear Sergeant Ramon Oliveras join us a few minutes in. SGT Oliveras was with SFC Taylor during the July 21, 2011 ambush and ten days later when they were both wounded by an enemy-fired RPG.

God bless our troops. And God help our Nation if we do not end this legal fratricide upon our magnificent warriors.

SFC Walter Taylor legal defense fund information.

The Little Peasants Are So Cute When They Are Angry

Last Evening, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Americans for Prosperity in Pennsylvania and its Director in PA, Jennifer Stefano. It seemed that many patriots needed to be with their right minded peeps after the psycho decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States.

It was evident to even the most luke warm of news junkies that of the multitudes that spoke on the impact of the decision, none spoke about its impact on real people. None except Jennifer Stefano. Jen spoke about the breathing, feeling, struggling weak and the chronically ill, the actual people who will suffer the most thanks to Obamacare.

It is doubtful that Chief Justice Roberts was thinking of those people when he stated In his support of the SC decision, that it wasn’t the courts job to correct the voting errors of the people. It is doubtful that Mr. Roberts was thinking about those people when he decided that it was the courts job, his job, to write law.

Seems everyone wants to be a dictator these days.

As Mr. Roberts stumbled into the world of great dictators it must have been a rush to put those suffering weak people out of his mind. The DC elites seem to enjoy putting the constitutional system of checks and balances meant to protect the individual out of their minds. Our President has contempt for the law for the protection of the individual. The contagion for this contempt is thriving in the swamps of the District of Contempt, and has seeped into the Supreme Court of the United States. The most profound symptom of this disease is the belief that one is King. Ask King Barack and King John.

The little peasants are so cute when they’re angry.

Between the edicts of this President, the new found creativity of the Supreme Court and the inaction of the House of Representatives, we must now assume that laws are only for those pathetic enough to accept them.

You exist only to support the life style of your betters until you are no longer able. You are merely a WORKER not a person. Learn it, accept it, know it.

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