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Since the Garden

The island on its pedestal reflected on the granite blue water beneath it. Trees part gracefully to reveal the supervision of distant steel peaks. The clouds are so few as to serve only as a highlight to perfection. Near sounds of lapping water orchestrate the lakes power to transport us to a heavenly calm.

It is so majestic as to be unworldly. This place in upstate New York, like a few other places on earth is a snapshot of Gods mighty power. It is beyond mans imagination to conceive or ability to produce. That may just be the point of it all.

Men often promise to give you heavenly things on earth in their quest for power. Mark Levin calls it Ameritopia. Mr. Levin is a brilliant man; Few are brighter. A man does not have to be a legal or biblical scholar to see that the con artists of our age who promise you the world and everything in it like the devil in the Garden of Eden, can’t give you what you already have.

Dusty Stuff in the Throttlebottom Attic

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