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Our Ballots Our Bullets

Two years ago, my friend Joyce Kaufman of WFTL 850 AM radio of South Florida stood up and spoke like very few patriots can or will. In front of July 4th activist patriots, gathered at a strip mall, she reminded them of what our liberty and that of our children might require. She spoke about the sacrifices that the fight for freedom might charge us. It was a speech that would change the trajectory of her life, and possibly the nation’s.

Much like the Founders risked it all to create this blessed nation, my friend Joyce risked it all that day in a fearless and conspicuous way. She told the unvarnished truth. She told it loud and she told it proud. She painted the picture the way it was, and the way it will always be.

Watch the speech here. Joyce Kaufman: The Ballot Box or The Cartridge Box.

Her mighty words are still applicable to our nation today, two years later. Joyce Kaufman quoted Thomas Jefferson’s words, “ If ballots don’t do it bullets will”. Leftist elites didn’t like those words much like they don’t like the inspired constitution that Mr. Jefferson co-authored. Gosh how they hate our own history.

True Leaders see it differently. Malcolm X was of course not a founder, but he too knew that truth, as stated at What So Proudly We Hail by editor Diana Shaub. Schaub turns to Malcolm’s famous speech in which he declares that “If we don’t do something real soon, I think you’ll have to agree that we’re going to be forced either to use the ballot or the bullet. It’s one or the other in 1964.”

Schaub writes,

“[In this speech,] Malcolm X began to reflect on the deepest questions of law and citizenship. Discussion of the relationship between ballots and bullets has a distinguished history in American political thought. Lincoln, for instance, when he argued against the constitutionality of secession, urged us to remember “that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets; that there can be no successful appeal except to ballots themselves, at succeeding elections.” Of course, in denouncing secession, Lincoln was not denying the existence of a right of revolution—there could be situations in which ballots have not fairly and constitutionally decided. Lincoln agreed with Jefferson that where “peaceable remedies are unprovided,” the “sword of revolution” is always the ultimate resort.”

Joyce Kaufman is an original piece of God’s work. There is no doubt that the speech she gave on that day July 4, 2010 could be given again and again. There is no doubt that if the speech were given today, the left would attack it like they did in 2010. They would fallaciously using the raw emotions after the recent Colorado theater massacre in the same way that they shamelessly used the near murder of Representative Gabby Gifford.

We might ask ourselves if we are as ready and willing as Joyce to give that revolutionary speech, at risk to our lives and treasure. Would we rather just submit to slavery; It would be so much easier.

OR simply give up those “Breaking Bad” reruns, learn about the issues and then get out and vote in November and take a couple smart neighbors with you.

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