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Andrew McCarthy on Huma Abedin and Obama bringing terrorists into the U.S., White House

Yesterday, I interviewed former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, starting off with the Obama administration’s latest attempt to sneak terrorists into the United States.

We also discussed the White House having a member of Gama’at al Islamia, a U.S. Treasury terror-designated group in to discuss Egypt’s future, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egyptian President-elect Mohamed Morsi. Apparently, Barack Obama sees them as statesmen merely engaged in legitimate resistance.

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It is time to ask if the President would negotiate peace (or already has) with Ayman al-Zawahiri through Muslim Brother Morsi. No way, you say? Obama refers to the Taliban as the “enemy” yet he has attempted to negotiate with them. Who better to pave the way for talks with al Qaeda than Huma Abedin? During her at least 16-year relationship with Hillary Clinton, Abedin has also worked for a man who raised money for al Qaeda.

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