A Liberation Manifesto

January 17, 2014

The chat below represents a spontaneous chat this morning on Facebook. I called it a manifesto, because it seems only right wingers have them (sarcasm noted). The names have been altered for the sake of their privacy;

Pat Carfagno: Its not something I like to make the focus of my life, but I have MS. I had wonderful health insurance and pharm coverage. I have all but lost my pharm coverage with the advent of Obamacare and its affect on private insurance. It is so restrictive as to be useless for someone with chronic illness. A broad look at the changes shows the deliberate isolation of specialty drugs from folks like me. Where the insurance that I worked for, was once a successful attempt at personal responsibility, I am now to be responsible for 50 Grand a year out of pocket. It might as well be a million.

I assure you all that I am not alone in this. As the year progresses, more and more people will discover that they have been targeted for costs savings by insurance companies with the permission and blessing of Obamacare. The chronically ill will find out first. It is only as boomers are diagnosed with illness will they find out that they have been similarly targeted.

There is a “free drug” program for me to apply for. Then, at the end of your life, (or before) the government comes to liquidate your assets for your “privilege” of getting “free” drug. I will not bankrupt my family for the ‘common good’.

Note that this confiscation is what politicians mean when they use the phrase “means testing”.


Still waiting for paperwork (application). But its already been months. It seems as if you can have free drug on the taxpayers dime. The drug company will “give” you drug, but the taxpayer fully reimburses the drug company for the full 50 grand. I will not be part of such an evil thing by participating even though this decision may have a profound effect on my quality of life.

Sam: Government at it best! Just like Social security, medicare etc.\

Anna: A woman that has a hysterectomy had to carry it…just in case. A women over the age of 65 has to carry it…CHILDREN may have to carry it as well…just in case. Idiocy. Real. True. Idiocy.

Beth: The libs have turned America into a communal village, next we’ll be sharing bathrooms. I just abhor what the socialist/Marxist are doing to this Nation.

Pat Carfagno;

I thank God that he is in charge of the plan of my life and not any man.

I am posting this chat because I think the posts linked together make an especially coherent explanation of the situation Americans will find themselves in sooner, rather than later, which I have thus far been unable to express. Note that the taxpayer will now pay the drug company for their products rather than the private drug insurance program in which I have been enrolled.

Note further that elite leftist pattern of having our children pay for their elders freebies remains in overdrive in this and all government ponzi schemes.

God Save Us.

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