Sweet Land of Liberty

July 3, 2014

My country tis of thee 
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing  

Of thee I mourn.

On this upcoming Independence Day, many of us will mourn the country we loved from childhood, that our ancestors lived and died for.

They lived for freedom.  They died for freedom.  
They lived so that they could practice their faith without impediment.  They lived their faith so that their liberty would not be lost because the citizenry couldn’t handle the responsibility of keeping it.    Freedom was born in America to house our yearning to worship in peace, and let the other guy worship in peace as well.  

Now our freedom is gone. It is gone.  

Hundreds of thousands of men and women died to preserve it and yet its gone without so much as a signature ceremony.   

We cannot, we shall not, be able to reconstitute it from mere speeches and party politics.  In our revolution from the English Crown, the colonials threw off the tyranny of a King who saw his people only as servants to his will.   How are the people of these United States seen any differently today than they were in 1769?  We are subjects to self-appointed royalty. Interesting that the wonderful song quoted at the beginning of this writing, stole its tune from “God Save the King”.

Our religions, our faith, our culture and standards are mocked, threatened and regulated by the entitled.  Our property is up for grabs as is our very health and existence.  Our borders for all intents and purposes do  not exist.   Yet we take continuous abuse from our “betters” and take it again and again. 

The question becomes not wether or not there will be a revolution, but what kind of revolution will it be, the stealth quiet “coup” version that we see now, a slow dedication to freedom’s destruction, or must we take back our beautiful liberated land old school?  What ever way we may choose if we wish to restore our republic, it will be messy.  It will dictate that we are willing to lose everything in order to preserve the existence of liberty.  

How many folks do you know who are so willing?  

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