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Join us tonight at 8 pm EST on Freedom Radio as Bev Perlson and Col. Frank Ryan discuss the yesterdays Freedom Radio Rocks post
Adding Injury to Insult which explains the impact of the latest Obamanation. This nearly untenable failure of oversight of our armed services cannot be overlooked any longer by our leadership. This cannot stand!

Bev Perlson’s invaluable work can be found at Band of Mothers.

Col. Frank Ryan, USMC retired, is a career veteran who served on Gen. Tommy Franks staff who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an expert in economic warfare. He is a successful businessman and CPA who specializes in keeping companies out of bankruptcy. He is currently a candidate for Auditor General in the state of Pennsylvania. His latest article at American Thinker explains why he is running. His work has also been found at Investors Business Daily. You can also find him on facebook.

Freedom Radio, Tonight, Sunday April 3 8 pm EST.

Adding Injury to Insult

The late Geraldine Ferraro is being lauded as a figure who blazed a trail for women in American politics. That sentiment has a nugget of truth to it, but only a nugget. This article is not focused on diminishing the dead who are clearly not here to defend themselves. Quite the opposite. This article attempts to put things into perspective. The beatification of Geraldine Ferraro is shamelessly being used by desperate Democrats to say, “Hey, American women! Remember us? We’re the party that brought you to the table!”. It is a disgrace. It is a miniature version of the Paul Wellstone funeral.

The people most responsible for the strong foundation of the rights of American women are those who risk everything for all the people of our country. In this lies true courage and fearless trailblazing. Ask women like Governor Sarah Palin, Bev Perlson, Vicki Behenna and other mothers of soldiers who the best of us are.

Trailblazing is not the dharma of politicians. Leaders lead. Politicians follow. Lets look at the Democrat saviors of women’s rights and the equally weak kneed Republicans as well, to see what behavior they are endorsing at this writing, if only bydefault.

You simply cannot make this stuff up; While we are engaged in at least three theaters of war, female soldiers are being pressured to wear hijabs on the battlefield.

H/t to Joyce Kaufman of 850 WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale.

Caroline May of the Daily Caller reports:

“Retired Col. Martha McSally, whose grievance about being forced to wear the Muslim abaya while stationed in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s resulted in 2002 legislation outlawing the practice of making female soldiers wear Muslim religious garb in Saudi Arabia, told The Daily Caller that the sanctity of the uniform should not be sullied with outside accessories like the hijab.

‘Another thing that makes this inappropriate is that they are wearing it with their uniform,” she said. “All the services have several-hundred-page regulations about what is appropriate and is not appropriate to wear with the uniform, and we have very strict guidelines … You are representing the United States government. You are wearing the U.S. military uniform, and it confuses what you are representing when you add this to the uniform.’

In mid-February one of the sponsors of the 2002 legislation that outlawed the practice of making female soldiers in Saudi Arabia wear the abaya, Rhode Island Democratic Rep. James Langevin, wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates requesting more information about soldiers in headscarves.

‘I understand the mission in Afghanistan is drastically different than the situation our female troops faced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10 years ago,’ Langevin wrote. ‘However I am interested to know the precise policies or operating instructions that are currently being employed with regard to the garments worn by female service members in Afghanistan and other Muslim nations.’
Langevin continues to wait for a response.’ “

Read entire article here.

It is a violation of the uniform code and an imposition of dhimminitude on America’s bravest. “Next we’ll be asking the male soldiers to grow untrimmed beards in violation of field hygiene standards”, stated Tim Sumner of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America.

Note the picture at the Daily Caller of the women who are wearing hijabs, but not field helmets. Oh, hooray for the rights of women to be shot in the head by the enemy! Here we have adding injury to insult, if not death.

The point solidified by the recent work of Diana West who writes,

“ The way Islam treats women stinks = verbal disrespect for Islam. The verses of the Qur’an that call for jihad against infidels are heinous = insulting the Qur’an. Tut, tut: ISAF, veritable mouthpiece of the coming caliphate, deems such talk “inappropriate” and “blasphemy” — which just might win them an extra pillow at the foot of the caliph’s throne.”

Read the complete article here.

These policies of submission oppress and endanger our American female soldiers while subjugating all of our soldiers and by extention further diminish thuman beings everywhere.

Call your representative and senator today and let them know what you think of the conditions under which they are asking our bravest to fight.

Wishing Geraldine Ferraro were alive today, I suspect that as a proud feminist, she would not ask a daughter or son of hers to serve in any capacity in a diminished status. If anything, that would be what made her great.

Diana West Reveals Obama’s Mission in Libya

The magnificent Diana West, author of the ground breaking best seller “Death of the Grown-up” joined Freedom Radio last evening for an earthshaking interview. In this interview, Ms West clearly defines the administrations intentions related to the invasion of Libya.

She does so in a way that pulls the veil away from the leftist global organizers in the White House. The President plans to address the nation this evening. He has said that he has made the goals of America’s military mission “perfectly clear”.

Nowhere in a search of audio and print media, has anyone either inside the administration or outside been able to identify even the vaguest outline of the goals Obama has set for this attack on a sovereign nation that are even vaguely related to American interests or security.

There is a reason for that.

Ms West convincingly states:

“They are setting up a template for Gaza, to make Israel a no fly zone”

Listen here to this 5 minute clip of our interview with Diana West.

The administration claims that the attacks on Libya are related to humanitarian motivations. There have been ongoing genicidal attacks against Christians in Egypt, Armenia, Turkey, Somalia and elsewhere. Where has Obama’s concern for humanity been there?

In our own hemisphere, dictators in both Cuba and Venezuela have been committing crimes against humanity for years, why are we not bombing supporters of these marxists goverments for the protection of the innocents in those countries?

The Diana West interview in its entirety can be heard here.

Freedom Radio Rocks with West & Bostom

The incomparable Diana West joins Freedom Radio Sunday, March 27, 8 pm EST, as we focus on the rules of engagement and the COIN strategy that serves to get our precious American fighting men in Afghanistan killed.

Author of “The Death of the Grown-Up“, Ms. West brings to Freedom Radio her invaluable research based analysis that Obama’s Red/Green Coalition does not want you to hear.

Read her latest fearless work here.

Andrew Bostom also joins us to clarify issues that cannot permit the separation of the war in Libya from the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Bostom has a broad and deep understanding of the history of Islam and its crimes against humanity.

As the author of “The Islamic Legacy of Anti-Semitism” and “The Legacy of Jihad“, Mr. Bostom brings his invaluable research to every discussion he joins. Fortunately, he never fails to bring his wit along with his wisdom.

Video of Massacre of the Fogel Family in Israel

Last week the Fogel family in Israel was murdered just for the amusement of the members of the religion of peace.

It is not the job of Americans to prove we are fair to all immigrants from groups who slaughter innocents. It is their job, by their actions, not words, to prove that they are peaceful. The acts of activist Muslim groups have proven nothing but the opposite in that regard.

It is their job to prove their morality. It is not ours to defend the undefendable.

Watch video of the 911 attacks and then watch the video indicated below and then tell Americans that Islam is the religion of peace.


H/t to Joyce Kaufman of 850 WFTL. See link below and to the left, you should excuse the expression.

West and Darling Rock Freedom Radio

Join us Sunday evening, March 13 at 8 pm est on Freedom Radio as Lt. Col. now Congressman Allen B. West, and Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation return to our show.

Congressman West’s fearless work to protect our nation is a precious and vital commodity. His work to preserve also the sovereigty of our strongest and dear ally, Israel is part of that protection. He will be honored for this unwavering support In East Boca Raton, Florida on April 3. Read about that event to which all are invited, here.

Congressman West is an American hero, born to lead. His humble heroism continues now in the House of Representatives. We will discuss the King hearings, his visit to Gitmo and the continued abominable incarceration of our own war heroes, like Michael Behenna.

Brian Darling returns to Freedom Radio to tell us how our Senators and Legislators can use existing law, and perhaps create new law, to protect their own people from the horrors of Shariah Law. Mr. Darling monitors political developments in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House. Darling was a chief strategist for legislation allowing commercial airline pilots to carry firearms in flight.

Darling was co-chairman of the Conservative Working Group, a weekly legislative strategy meeting of staffers from House and Senate offices. We hope to ask Mr. Darling about crafting a legislative strategy that will curb the growth of Shariah’s influence in America.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Perlson and Gilinsky

Freedom Radio will rock with Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, Sunday night, March 6. Beautiful Bev will tell it like it is on the demonstration against Shariah in DC on Thursday March 3.

Also joining us tonight will be Beth Gilinsky another fearless sister warrior for America; Beth Gilinsky is the founder of Jewish Action Alliance and a member of the Liberty Alliance. Liberty Alliance, recently brought members of leading organizations from around the country into a confederation to organize a strong counter front against the advance of Shariah Law over constitutional law in America and thus over the American culture.

Ms. Gilinsky will join us to talk about an event of Liberty Alliance that took place today in Manhattan to draw attention to the fascist actions of the Muslem Brotherhood in America.

Read more about today’s Anti-Muslem Brotherhood event here and listen to Beth Gilinsky’s after action report tonight on Freedom Radio.

So glad that both of these patriots are on our side! As long as patriots like Bev Perlson and Beth Gilinsky are with us, there will always be an America as we know it.

Don’t miss it!

Bev Perlson speaks to the crowd at Liberty Rocks Rally against Shariah in DC, Thursday March 3, 2011

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive and BigPeace writes about Bev Perlson at the Liberty Alliance rally in support of constitutional law in DC :

“One of the bigger Islamist clowns, Anjem Choudary from the UK, was supposed to bring his traveling goat rape rope to Obama Town today. Our team got ready to repel boarders and I was anticipating a rowdy fiesta. Well I got the fiesta, but it wasn’t the Muslims it was Mexicans protesting the drug war. Mr. Chowdary failed to show. Here is Bev Perlson riling the crowd up for a non-confrontation. Frank Gaffney was there to instruct about the dangers posed by infiltration of Islamic law.

Well as much fun as speechifying can be, it’s got nothing to compare with a good tet a tet with the open-minded supporters of a new Caliphate”.

Read more of Uncle Jimbo at Black Five here.

Listen to a perfect interview done by Steve Malzberg with Choudary here.

Join us!

Congressman Allen West has rescheduled for Sunday March 13. We apologize for the wait!!

Imam Choudary Reveals the Truth about Shariah Takeover in America

Last evening, veteran syndicated radio host and brilliant interviewer Steve Malzberg from his flagship station at WOR 710 in NY, interviewed Imam Choudary, a well known radical and a supporter of terrorism from a mosque in the UK. Choudary fearlessly claims the goal of Shariah to take over the United States and thus the world.

Listen here for a real eye opener.

Choudary is currently planning a rally in Washington DC to overthrow the US constitutuion and replace it with Shariah.

Go here, to learn more about that rally.

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