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The Divinity of Jesus

N.B:  I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. David Limbaugh a couple of times years ago.

Not only is he of course clearly intelligent, but quite possibly the funniest man on earth.

Understand that on that same evening I had spoken with Jackie Mason.

David Limbaugh’s new book “The True Jesus (Uncovering the Divinity of Christ through the Gospels) had been brought to my attention thru what my sisters in Christ often refer to as a”Godincidence”. Taking the spiritual hint, I bought a kindle copy so I could begin reading immediately. 

“The True Jesus” is a profound work of scholarship and of faith.  You will fly through it, not because it is written simply, but because it is simply well written.  It is also seamlessly organized.  Mr. Limbaugh’s latest work supplies the background of the culture and the times as they existed before the birth of Christ in the days of the Roman Empire between the old and new testaments. 

Buy the book, buy it, and buy it again. You are going to be driven to give your copy away to those that you love without reservation.  You will need to squirrel away a couple copies for yourself and may I suggest that you bury one in a strong box in the back yard.  You just never know.

Mr. Limbaugh reveals the divine forethought and planning of salvation in such a smooth manner as to make the reader wonder why no one has written this book or one like it before.  There are some interesting idiosyncratic tidbits about the culture of the times in the Holy Land and beyond, leading up to the birth of our Savior.  I’ll let you discover them for yourself.  But the love of Christ and His word is embedded in each chapter of the book. 

Mr. Limbaugh describes the perfect confluence of cultural, geographical, infrastructural circumstances, as well as of language and religions as practiced up until the time of Christ. The evidence provided serves not only to support faithful reading of holy scripture but to delineate the perfection of God’s plan for our salvation that existed from the beginning, but to glorify the perfection and mighty wisdom of our God.  “No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God –his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began.” 1 Corinthians 2; 7. 

 “The True Jesus” emphasizes Christ’s perfect mission in detail through the ages as planned by the Father and by doing so provides the soul with immeasurable impetus to seek His salvation. 

Passionate Deceivers

Like so many, this Easter Sunday, I sat alone and watched the Passion of the Christ. Many of us see our experience with the film based on the Crucifixion as an extremely personal one. Christ suffered, died and conquered the grave to be victorious over sin and death so that through our faith in his divinity, we could all rise above the flesh. He died for all of us; He died for each of us.

Somehow the viewing of the Passion is a terribly personal and private thing. None of us can experience what another person does when it comes to their comprehension of the Passion. Yet, still he died for all men.

It is difficult to wrap our limited intellect around that but we do. We do so so much in fact that that truth is the basis for the foundations of Western Civilization and the institutions that support it that allow for freedom of religious practice.

As long as we worship a loving God that sees each of us as individual free men with free will, we will expect the same from earthly leadership. Because God sees each of us as individuals, an aspiring earthly tyrant cannot claim with any credibility that we are less, once they declare that that they believe in God, even if it is pretense.

That is why a deceiver must claim to follow God’s Law, at least until he has acquired the trust of the people. He must possess enough power before he begins to start treating them like subjects or as slaves.

God reserves the privilege and power of judging man to himself. That doesn’t mean he expects you to suspend your common sense. He gave you eyes and ears and a brain to interpret what you hear and see. So when a ambitious leader declares himself to be God-fearing or a Christian, don’t take his word for it.

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