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Reince, Repeat

Why do Republicans  continue to hold their debates with the marxist media in command? Why do they not make arrangements for debate hosting with the Heritage Foundation, MRC or Conservative Review?  Republicans seem to be more afraid of conservatives than they are of socialists and more comfortable losing elections than winning them.  

There is some serious brain power and talent  in the Republican presidential line up and yet it seems that the RNC cannot wait to squelch it not just in this election, but in nearly every one in memory.    

The bottom line may be that the RNC uses these farcical debates with liberal activist moderators to effectively drive the conservatives out of the race.

We must look to the consistent results of these so called debates and walk them backward to find the motivation for repeating the same losing behavior election after election.  They are repeating this seemingly insane game plan because in the end it consistently buys them what they truly want; They appear to want less than stellar candidates who do not inspire maximum voter turn out.  

Add to it this the questionable primary system in which most early primaries are held in blue states, topped off by the one in South Carolina which actually has the democrats voting in the Republican primary.    This allows the so called moderate candidates to rake in the dough heavily, right out of the gate, while forcing the conservatives to spend enormous sums of money and drive them out of the competition.   

The Republicans are often called the “stupid party”.   If they desire to lose election after election, they couldn’t do a smarter job.

Free Men or Slaves; The New Resistance

Considering that the House of Representatives’ vote for the speakership comes up Tuesday a reminder as to what is at stake can be made to us all. The House of Representatives can stop the wannabe diety and sovereign rule of Obama, if they care to. Things look pretty grim when so shortly after an outstanding conservative victory in the recent midterms, newly elected Mia Love is already talking about reelecting the current speaker.

It is up to us.

Call your Representatives and remind them today (202) 224-3121) of your expectations of them and of their vote.

Let us allow our first President, George Washington be our voice today as he was that day in 1776 to the continental army before the battle of Long Island:

The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die”

One must accept here that today’s liberalism is the antithesis of freedom; for if we today’s brave resistance, the new resistance, accept the oppression of one set of people for the benefit of others, then we do not have freedom at all.

Dare then to pray and ask God for his help and then ask your earthly representatives for theirs.

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Rabbi Aryeh Spero on ‘Push Back; Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit’

Yesterday, I interviewed Caucus for America founder Rabbi Aryeh Spero about his new book ‘Push Back; Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit’. In part, Rabbi Spero said:

“If you want the America that we inherited to be there for our children, we’re going to have to fight for it. … Without our Judeo-Christian moral philosophy we will not continue to be a successful country to the degree that we were.”

Here is the entire interview:

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You can purchase ‘Push Back; Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit’ on here or Books-a-Million here.

Tom Smith on Freedom Radio

Today, the Freedom Radio team had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Tom Smith, Republican candidate for the US Senate. Mr. Smith is intending to unseat Bob Casey D, PA.

Listen to Tom Smith here

Visit Tom Smith for Senate to learn more about the candidate and the man.


Conservative women fight back on THE SHREW and we do so with appropriate levels of incivility! Folks like Sharpton, Jackson and Wasserman Schultz wave their fingers at us admonishing conservatives to be civil.

Ya think?

Join us, Thursday at 10 AM EST as we teach the politico’s a thing or two about fighting back.

646 478 5613

Listen every Thursday at Freedom Radio.

Jen Kuznicki Joins Freedom Radio

Jen Kuznicki, of the great conservative blog “Jenkuznicki” joins Freedom Radio on Wednesday at 10 Am December 21. If the Great One, Mark Levin loves Jens work, who are we to question?

We shall summarize the last year like no one else can and do it with heavy doses of candor and jocularity!

Be there!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all and be sure to watch the message from Bibi Netanyahu on the upper right icon!

Silly Facts in a Charlatan’s Way

News junkies are rightly talking about the President’s “Jewish janitor” remark at the recent Congressional Black Caucus meeting We all know the President nearly broke something, halting his speech to avoid saying something like “Jewish bankers”.

Obama’s outrageous freudian slip has justifiably attracted the media’s attention. Others have talked about Obamas revelation so well and so clearly, there seems to be almost no need for me to address it further.

If not for Obama’s outrageous brain leak, you might instead be being regaled with reaction to Newt’s remarks in response to Megyn Kelly’s unemployment compensation question at the recent Republican debate on Fox. Yep, Newt Gingrich is one lucky guy.

Watch here.

So, according to the former Speaker, “People should not get paid for doing nothing”.

Really, Mr. Speaker?

The Speaker is fond of history, so lets talk history.

If you believe that is true, Sir, why have the now unemployed paid into the Federal Unemployment Insurance program for all of the years that they worked? That program continued while you were Speaker of the House, did it not? You stated that we ended welfare to keep people from getting paid for doing nothing. So you simply forgot to end the Federal Unemployment Tax
? You forgot to end contributions by working citizens into federal coffers? You forgot that those contributions went into what you now in essence say is NOT actually an insurance program?

So no one should collect unemployment compensation, unless they attend a government approved retraining program. Really?

And this from the mouth of a conservative?

The ruling class is completely responsible for endorsing and permitting ongoing government programs especially the Community Reinvestment Act that got us to the financial mess we are in today. The CRA escaped Mr. Gingrich’s oversight during his tenure as Speaker. Those silly facts sure have a nasty habit of getting in the way.

No government program is ever pro economic growth. They are always a drain on the private sector as they are paid for with taxes and borrowing and the only jobs created by them are for the connected cronies running them. Until we have a growing economy, there will be no jobs to train for.

If you, Mr. Speaker, want to be president, may I suggest a retraining program. You seem to be in serious need of an update on the principles of conservatism.

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