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Democrat Resistance: The New American Hezbollah

The articles a good search provides are endless related to the recent decade of Democrat calls to violence.  The Democrats proclivity for bloodshed attracts those who advocate murder and mayhem to their side or did they advocate violence in order to GAIN the support of Hezbollah & its military wing Hamas (the Islamic Resistance) CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Obama gave 33 billion dollars to Iran, the worlds number one sponsor of Hezbollah terror on his way out the White House door.   Democrat leadership did nothing to stop him.  It was paid in gold and cash.  How best to kick back American tax payer dollars to our socialist democrats or to pay for influence in Hezbollah, one hand washing the other.    If Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism, what does that make America who is now a huge contributor to that nation? Democrat-led American governments have become an important financial supporter of terror around the world.

This substantive evidence underwrites the Democrat elite’s financial and philosophical support of terror.  In fact, they have not shied away from supporting domestic terror.  Black Lives Matter has proven their affection for violence in the US. They spent the summer of 2016 inciting riots in cities around the country and warring against police departments over false tales of police brutality.  Occupy Wall Street rioters had the support of the attempted mass murderer of US Senators  in Alexandria, James Hodgkinson.

So when US officials call for “taking to the streets” (Obama, Loretta Lynch, Tim Kaine) have no doubt as to the violence they are advocating.


FBI: Media, Black Lives Matter Behind Spike in Anti-Cop Violence

Shattered Expectations

“Shattered” is a new book about the failures of Hillary’s presidential campaign. One of the authors has appeared on shows that like you to think they have a conservative bent and a few that actually do.   I looked forward to reading this book for a rainy Sunday afternoon’s entertainment.  I thought it would be fun to dance all over the facts that brought about Hillary’s political grave,  schadenfreude with ice cream and chocolate on top.  Sadly, there are many democrat narratives throughout the book.  Like the innumerable Clinton scandals, only a partial list is needed to provide more than substantial evidence.

The following examples are taken from location 101 on the Kindle copy of the book.  Glad I didn’t spend the money for  a hard copy,  I don’t have a wood burning fireplace.

L 101: 
“She collected nearly 65.9 million votes, more than any other republican in history, just 64,8222 fewer than Barack Obama in 2012, and almost 3 million more than Donald Trump.  And she did it while facing a set of trials and tribulations unlike any other American in campaign history: a partisan congressional investigation; a primary opponent who attacked her character; a rogue FBI director; the rank misogyny of her Republican rival; a media that scrutinized her every move while failing to get that Republican rival to turn over his tax returns; and even a Kremlin-based campaign to defeat her.  
Trials and tribulations unlike any other American campaign in history….
 Lincoln, FDR, Reagan and Nixon all had tougher roads to the Whitehouse.  Two out of 4 of  them  had huge wars to deal with, and Nixon and Reagan both had the full bias of the media out to destroy them.  Reagan like Trump, did not have  the support of his own party.  Most of Hillary’s biggest problems were of her own making;  Benghazi, her illegal server leaving our national security at high risk, her past attacks on the victims of  Bill’s acts of sexual violence.  Lets not leave out her using of the Clinton Foundation to launder influence buying payments or that Hillary is not at all well liked.
…a primary opponent who attacked her character
What primary candidate of either party never attacked their opponents’ character?
….a partison congressional investigation
Just because its partisan doesn’t mean it isn’t warranted.  Hillary’s private server was just that, a SERVER.   Our national security information was served up on a silver platter for all our enemies to see on demand.
….a rogue FBI Director
Its is more truthful to say that the rogue appointee in the executive branch was Loretta Lynch, who was never going to prosecute Hillary.  
…..rank misogyny of her Republican Rival
If it wasn’t for immigration to America, 45 would not have married two of his wives.  Where’s the misogyny?
….Media scrutinized her every move…
This is a joke, right? 
….Kremlin-based campaign to defeat her
There is simply no proof of this.  All that is known is that the Democrat party operation was phished, it wasn’t even hacked.  Where the Russians had no luck getting into the Republican campaign website.
There is more to dispute in just that paragraph provided, but as I’ve tried to say above, enough is all you need.  These statements are just in one paragraph in the intro!  Half way through the book and the pattern of using a democrat party line slant continues throughout.
The authors have bent over backwards to award deference to Hillary, which would be fine if they used facts.   If they had left out the propaganda and the Trump bashing, perhaps “Shattered” would be credible.  
As it is, I’d save my money for Mark Levin’s next book.

The Democrats Just Do Not Get It.

Sometimes, I have to step away from the radio. After all the evidence has been presented and the powers that be remain ineffectual and intellectually impenetrable, it seems a good time to take a break. My friend Douglas L Hoffman, former conservative Republican candidate from New York’s 23rd congressional district said it so well, it seems best to just present it as he wrote it.

The Democrats Just Don’t Get It

by Douglas L. Hoffman

Last Thursday President Obama unveiled his new proposals to spur the economy and hopefully jobs in our nation. In doing so he finally got one thing right, he acknowledge that businesses will drive the job growth in our country, not the government. I also like the unemployment proposal that copies Georgia and North Carolina’s wherein businesses can hire the unemployed who will continue to receive up to eight weeks of unemployment benefits while training for a new position. This allows the business to be subsidized for payroll costs during the initial training period when the employee is normally unproductive.

But, I still believe that the President just does not understand the problem with our economy and what is hindering businesses from hiring in the first place. Small businesses create about two thirds of the net new jobs in our economy and account for more than half of private sector work force. Research done by the National Federation of Independent Business shows small business optimism is in recession level territory and last Thursday’s speech gave business owners little encouragement and even less reasons to go out and hire new employees.

What we are seeing instead is another veiled attempt at yet another failed stimulus plan. All of the ingredients to the first two plans put forth by the Democrats and the President are in this plan. President Obama is proposing another $445 billion stimulus that, in the end, will be another band-aid approach to creating jobs. The bottom line is that government cannot spend its way out of a recession.

His other approach of offering tax incentives to business to hire has some merit. However these are short term in nature and may not be enough to motivate a business owner to hire in the first place. Also they were tried last year and failed to create job growth. The President offers a carrot to the business owner while at the same time holding a club behind his back saying that he may have to raise taxes at the same time to pay for the plan. This uncertainty combined with his past administration’s job killing measures such as “Obamacare” and a host of other regulations passed while the Democrats controlled congress just doesn’t leave the business owner with a warm and fuzzy feeling about their long term planning.

Small business owners simply cannot plan with confidence in this tax and regulatory environment. If there are not customers out there to increase revenues and the employer does not have a long term view that the cost of a new employee will be less that the revenues generated, they will not hire a new employee merely to save a few thousand dollars in payroll taxes.

We need concrete long term solutions to give business owners a long term perspective and incentive to grow their businesses and hire new employees. Current tax policies have the Bush era tax cuts expiring at the end of 2012 while the Obama healthcare regulations and tax penalties start hitting in 2013 and 2014.

The US has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. A tidal wave of new regulations continues to come down from Washington. More than 4,000 new regulations are in the pipeline with no sign that the pace will let up. Small business owners had hoped to hear something new and encouraging from the President last week, but instead got more of the same. A mixed bag of temporary tax fixes and an ill advised stimulus do little to address the problems facing small businesses, the economic engine of America’s economy.

Obama and the Democrats simply don’t get it.

Mr. Hoffman of course is so so right. But I think there is more. Either the Republicans don’t get it either or they are so dedicated to retaining their title as the “Stupid Party”, they see some twisted strategery in failing to strike a fatal blow at Obamacare at a time of Democrat panic and weakness.

If Mr. Boehner and his loyal subjects in the House give a damn, they’ll bring out the big guns on Obamacare NOW.

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