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Lyin’ Ryan


(Not why we’re about to get screwed again, but how )

While we are focused on our new presidents strike on Syria, the left is working hard in the background to support the maintenance of Obamacare.    The drumbeat is low and slow but it is rising.  They are building a busload of documentation to bolster the “let-them eat-cake” republicans non-existent spines.   This is all foundation to justify anti-electorate political decisions to maintain an Obamacare-like redistribution of wealth program and call it a healthcare program.  Of course it will be labeled “new and improved”.

So now the same folks that told us we were about to call Hillary Clinton “Madam President” are telling us that we must be the only ones who hate Obamacare.  Yes, when the left swings for an out of the park home run, they give it all they’ve got.  The only thing the left is gun shy about is guns.  They would have us believe  that  there is no president Trump and the Republicans didn’t win en masse while promising to repeal Obamacare and Eric Cantor is till in the House and John Boehner is still Speaker.    Silly us, what were we thinking.

If Gallup, Rasmussen, CNN tell us we like marxist health care programs than who the hell are we peasants to say it ain’t so? Power was wrested from the folks that nationalized health care and given, step by step, battle by battle, office by office  to the clever folks who promised to repeal it.  And by golly its so damn popular that now even the House and Senate are considering putting themselves on it.   What was that?  You hadn’t heard?  Why even the Trump family will be on it. (extreme sarcasm)

There is a campaign afoot to convince you that you don’t like vanilla ice cream, you like strawberry.   What is more you don’t like bacon you just love brussel sprouts. 

Political polls are constructed in a crafty way to produce data that can be  broadly interpreted as the pollsters client wants it to be.  THAT is what the pollsters get paid for, certainly not for producing unbiased data.  They want their money’s worth, big league.

Now you know how.  Here’s the why:  George Soros has funneled bundles of money through his friends and pacs to support the campaigns of Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

 Some part of you already knew that, didn’t you.
More than half of Americans approve of Obamacare now …

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Carly Fiorino and My Precious Time

So here we are a precious 14 months until the next presidential election.  It is great that there is nothing pressing going on while all these senators and governors run for president.  There are not thousands of Christians being murdered in the middle east.  There are not hundreds of black youth being murdered in the cities every day.   The Keystone pipeline is finished.  Obamacare has been discontinued and ISIS is no more. The border has been secured. Iran now will never have nuclear warheads and Clinton has been cleared of all suspicion.  

So, of course then it ’s a journalists priority to cover the election 24 – 7.  

Ehhhhhh, maybe not so much./s

It can be said after watching the first presidential debate for 2016 on Fox News Channel, that the candidates behave like contestants on American Idol, all trying to elbow their way to stardom.  The thing is, after a couple seasons we learned to start watching the show 3 weeks before the final vote.  In doing this we avoided wasting hours of precious time and brain cells watching the less talented and the undeserving.    

This plan translates directly to Fox’s election coverage.  If the talking heads at Fox are not taking every opportunity for public naval gazing, they are covering unlikely presidential nomination winners like Jim Gilmore.  Oh, and lets find out more about the old feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Trump.  Yeah thats the ticket. /s

Thank the Lord for Carly Fiorina.  She so intellectually outclasses most of the candidates from both major parties that she may have the effect of eliminating the lesser half at faster speed than would otherwise be.  Trump is no longer entertaining and not used to criticism so he should be folding soon.  Carly Fiorino is so quick and articulate, she makes Trump look like Triumph the Insult Comic rather than a candidate for high office.  Lets pray a few hopeless candidates will see the impossibility of their success in this and  leave the race sooner rather than later.  Are you listening Jeb Bush? Trump? Santorum?

In the meantime, Fox needs to break away from its make-up mirrors and do its job, like covering the news rather than trying to make the news or be part of the story like their liberal colleagues do.  

I’ll be passing on Fox for a while unless I hear it has suddenly remembered how to put its pants on front ways or management finally goes for dignity and professionalism rather than mud wrestling contests or indecent public exposure.   

The Disabled are Targeted by Obamacare For Denial of Care and Cost Savings

While the negative issues with Obamacare abound, one chronic disease treatment issue reveals the underlying purpose for the existence of Obamacare. It is not universal access to care. It is about the routine, codified inhumane cruelty of denying treatment for the global purpose of skimming money from the sick and the elderly. Jim Angle of Fox news gets close but no cigar. Kudos to Mr. Angle and Fox for reporting this story.

From Fox’s Report: “One of the problems is that drugs for some diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis do not have generic versions so without cheaper alternatives and no help from ObamaCare, patients could face huge personal out-of-pocket bills, forcing some to skimp on their medications”.

There will be no out of pocket to face if the cost is so unreachable as to in all practicality deny Obamacare treatment. It comes to MS there is no “skimping on your meds” You are being treated or you are not. There is no inexpensive one-size-fits all treatment. As Mr. Angle reports, there are no generic drugs for MS. Most advances in the treatment of MS have been made in the last 15 years or so. Thus the ONLY real treatments are only a few years on the market or even months. These meds require a regular and consistent administration of the drug. There is no “skimping” in Multiple Sclerosis. A person is being treated with the right drug, at the right dose or they are not. A person will either live happily with treatment or they will live languishing in pain and isolation.

Mr. Angle ‘s report supports this: “this may drive patients to not buy their medicines, which we know is dangerous. We know MS can be a bad disease when you’re not treating it. When you’re treating it, for most people they handle it pretty well, but we know when you don’t treat (it), it’s the kind of disease where people end up in wheel chairs potentially.”

Multiple Sclerosis slowly takes away a person’s abilities to think, to move, to care for themselves. There is often considerable pain involved. Yet a person does not die from the disease, but from its secondary effects. As helpless as we can become, we live almost as long as a healthy person does with whatever pain and disabilities we have.

This is exactly why the MS drugs have been excluded from the Obamacare formulary. The formularies of many other drug plans have been altered to reflect the cost savings ideology of Obamacare, including the formulary of Medicare D. MS treatment is expensive and it lasts a lifetime. This was not an unconscious move on the part of the authors of the ACAs. It is a targeted move. To the socialist central planner types, it is a gold mine of expenditure denial

Thus denial of treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients is codified into the Obamacare nightmare.

Since my diagnosis in 2002, many new treatments have been developed with the power to slow the advance of the disease and often improve the quality of life. A new drug called Tysabri gave me new life. Although I was still affected by the disease, it lifted what is known as brain fog, improved my endurance, and lessened the crushing fatigue. I went from frequent use of a walker, to the use of a cane. It was nothing short of miraculous.

I developed antibodies in 2013 that made treatment with Tysabri no longer advisable, even after years of positive results. My physician recommended that I begin taking a new pill, I will call Drug X. Paperwork was submitted the second week in November to the manufacturer who had a program to facilitate start-up treatment.

I was told by my private insurance companies navigator that my coverage by my private insurance had changed because of Obamacare. My private insurance, a benefit gained as compensation during my working years, would cover this drug but so minimally as to be useless. You can’t buy half or a quarter of a pill. In order to be treated, I must come up with approximately 50 grand a year, cash, out of pocket.

It might as well be a million.

My desperate personal trip to the private drug plan web site without “navigator” assistance revealed that I was covered for the cost of the drug minus my co-pay. There may also be a deductible of about 3 grand. I called the navigators for both the drug insurance and the drug’s manufacturer and told them that I had determined that I was indeed covered and sent them screen shots of the on-line determination of benefits.

At this writing, I have since received my first dose with observation (as required by FDA) of Drug X and suffered no detectable side effects. I am feeling much better. However because of the pattern of inaccuracy established by multiple navigators, I cannot be sure of this untåil it is time to check out the drug shipment with the Specialty Pharmacy.

The charge could be one hundred dollars or thousands. I still don’t know with any certainty. If it is thousands, I will simply not be able to be treated. I will remain untreated and be left to the consequences of the disease. I will not bankrupt my family for the “greater good” that Obamacare alleges. I am sadly confident that others will be forced toå make the same choice.

The take away from this narrative is not that poor me doesn’t have access to treatment. The brutal fact is that Obamacare offers NO drugs for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Consequently, all people with MS will by default be denied treatment. Inclusion in the Obamacare formulary is based on per patient per drug, per year cost times projected number of years. Multiple Sclerosis? Sorry. Lupus? Any life long disease with only non-generic treatments? Sorry, no help for you. What other treatments does Obamacare deny?

People with MS and other neurological diseases will likely stay alive in spite of the denial of treatment, but they and their families will be burdened with their horrific quality of life. So as untreated patients can anticipate a future that includes visions of some day lying in their own waste, they can be assured that their colonoscopy will be free.

West is West and Left is Left

Congressman-Elect Lt. Colonel Allen West will be sworn in on Wednesday, January 5, 2011. He won an election in Florida’s 22nd district in a highly Democrat area by an astounding 9 points, in a race that has been described by all sides as one of the dirtiest in history.

Interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning, were Congressman Elect West and Senator Elect Mike Lee (R) of Utah.

The interview had some genuinely funny moments. However, its tough to imagine that belly laughs were Mr. Wallace’s goal.

(video here)

In the walk up to asking Colonel West about the appointment of Joyce Kaufman as his Chief-of-Staff, Mr. Wallace not-so-slickly asked Senator-elect Lee of his appointment of an ex lobbyist as his Chief-of-Staff.

Wow, hard news, Chris, take it easy!

An press picture of Joyce Kaufman, Colonel Wests original Chief-of-Staff choice popped on screen during Mr. Lee’s question, Wallace said, “Sorry, that’s the wrong person”.

If Colonel West had been in a politically induced coma up to that point of the interview, he was now awake and knew that questioning his choice of Chief-of-Staff was next.

If you are thinking that was the amusing part, well not quite, but hang in there.

The Colonel was then asked if he had learned anything from the controversy over his appointment of Kaufman. His answer was in a quick, “No”. He further explained that in fact, he had sought and gotten Kaufman’s help in identifying and recruiting his new Chief-of-Staff to replace her!

The question asked was based on the bogus premise that Kaufman’s appointment was a mistake. It wasn’t, at least not in the way that Wallace might like to believe it was.

And of course, it only took a couple hours for the left to lambast West’s answer as not credible by the Washington Post.

So here comes the tragically amusing part; In neither Chris’ Wallace’s interview nor in the Washington Post article , do the alleged journalists reveal the actual story behind their shallow and fallacious attempts at making headlines rather than reporting them.

The real story remains, as usual, for pajama-clad citizens such as I to reveal and it is as follows:

A former political science major and adult education teacher, Eliza Martinez has been arrested by the FBI for calling in a threat of a shooting in the Broward County schools, which terrified over 230,000 children in Broward County, Florida. Eliza Martinez (only her latest pseudonym among many) had called into a radio station in South Florida attempting to align herself and her actions with conservative radio host of WFTL, 850 AM, Joyce Kaufman. The terrorist threat was made to smear Kauffman, conservative talk radio as a whole, and Lt. Colonel Allen West most of all, as violent radicals.

Kaufman quickly stepped down. The brilliant and ever realistic Kaufman now realized that as long as she remained the Chief-of-Staff for Colonel West, he would be pressured to spend time defending his alliance with her and every remark she had ever made, taken out of context and twisted, clipped, shaken, stirred and put out there for whatever purpose of the day the left has on their schedule.

Wallace asks Colonel West if HE learned anything from the controversy.
The Washington Compost remarks that HE didn’t learn anything from the firestorm of the appointment. What they most deliberately fail to mention is that a person from the LEFT initiated the threats and the LEFT wing press wrote the controversy, and the LEFT manufactured the firestorm and the LEFT keeps perpetuating the deception.

We are left to wonder, when the Lamestream Media will tire of being no more than fodder for pajama bedecked bloggers and yellow liner for unattended bird cages. This will not happen until they begin to see that the story here, was the terror inflicted upon the people of Broward County, and exactly who was responsible for it.

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