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More Jesus, Less Crime

More Jesus, Less Crime

So the election is pretty much over and what have we learned? We have learned that nearly half the country thinks its ok to want and then TAKE what others have worked for.  Not IN ADDITION TO what the others have, but to steal it directly and methodically from them against their will.  In their minds it is not just a right thing, but it is a noble thing.

Therefore we must acknowledge that half the country does not know Jesus. Scary. This is our mission. More Jesus to more people. This is how we are to serve. It is no more right to steal from the so called rich than to steal from the poor. Jesus expects us to help the poor and the persecuted, regularly and willingly He does not expect that WE demand that our neighbors do it. He also expects us to act responsibly with what He has provided.

As with all things, Jesus is the answer. Help us Lord to keep our eyes on you, to see our own flaws so that we can be humbled by them and give them up to your care. Let the world see your charity and mercy in us as a testimony to You.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” –

2 COR 10:5


 “Thou shalt not steal.

 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”

Exodus 20, 15 – 17 , KJV

The Divinity of Jesus

N.B:  I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. David Limbaugh a couple of times years ago.

Not only is he of course clearly intelligent, but quite possibly the funniest man on earth.

Understand that on that same evening I had spoken with Jackie Mason.

David Limbaugh’s new book “The True Jesus (Uncovering the Divinity of Christ through the Gospels) had been brought to my attention thru what my sisters in Christ often refer to as a”Godincidence”. Taking the spiritual hint, I bought a kindle copy so I could begin reading immediately. 

“The True Jesus” is a profound work of scholarship and of faith.  You will fly through it, not because it is written simply, but because it is simply well written.  It is also seamlessly organized.  Mr. Limbaugh’s latest work supplies the background of the culture and the times as they existed before the birth of Christ in the days of the Roman Empire between the old and new testaments. 

Buy the book, buy it, and buy it again. You are going to be driven to give your copy away to those that you love without reservation.  You will need to squirrel away a couple copies for yourself and may I suggest that you bury one in a strong box in the back yard.  You just never know.

Mr. Limbaugh reveals the divine forethought and planning of salvation in such a smooth manner as to make the reader wonder why no one has written this book or one like it before.  There are some interesting idiosyncratic tidbits about the culture of the times in the Holy Land and beyond, leading up to the birth of our Savior.  I’ll let you discover them for yourself.  But the love of Christ and His word is embedded in each chapter of the book. 

Mr. Limbaugh describes the perfect confluence of cultural, geographical, infrastructural circumstances, as well as of language and religions as practiced up until the time of Christ. The evidence provided serves not only to support faithful reading of holy scripture but to delineate the perfection of God’s plan for our salvation that existed from the beginning, but to glorify the perfection and mighty wisdom of our God.  “No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God –his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began.” 1 Corinthians 2; 7. 

 “The True Jesus” emphasizes Christ’s perfect mission in detail through the ages as planned by the Father and by doing so provides the soul with immeasurable impetus to seek His salvation. 

True Justice and Real Peace

Osama Bin Ladin’s death brought me no joy. It was bittersweet but for me, not a moment for celebration. Yes, I am uber- glad he’s dead. Its called justice. But his death follows the unnecessary misery of thousands. To my perhaps flawed thinking, I cannot separate the two.

In his last moments on this earth, Osama Bin Laden did what Americans knew he would do given the opportunity and given his track record of murdering the innocent; He grabbed his wife and stuck her in the line of fire to save his own skin. Like other brands of socialism and fascism, the so called sacrifices of socialism and fascism are for thee and not for me.

Bin Laden’s brand of Islamofascism, not unlike HItlers brand of socialism, encouraged malleable minds to die for the “faith”, while the head of the snake would do whatever it took to save his sorry existence.

Like pseudo-generals throughout history, he bravely led from behind. He spoke about the joy of willingly dying for ones beliefs and the desirability of martyrdom. He spoke of the rewards in heaven for such willingness. He spoke of heroics with which the killing of innocents should be performed without question.

He was no general, no leader, no hero, no martyr.

It is fitting that Osama should die as he lived, a coward, a hypocrite and a liar. He set an example with the manner with which we should NOT want to die. He also set a perfect example of how not to live. The cowardice and evil manner of his reluctant death demonstrates the falsehood and duplicity of his Islamofascism.

Reflection on the inability of some of us to feel celebratory concerning Bin Laden’s death, takes me to a life that was gratefully the antithesis of his.

The faith brought to us by Jesus Christ lives on and thrives because He spoke of the difficulties of living with the parameters of His faith; “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself for the love of God.” He indeed ordered Peter to put down his sword and allow an angry crowd to take Him away to His death. He walked himself to His cross and His own painful and slow death, knowing that at any moment He could have saved himself. He forgave sins for the simple act of regret and sorrow for their commitment.

He did all this for the example He would set, about how to live ones life, how to forgive each others’ many weaknesses and to do all these things as he in his humanity did them. He forgave prostitutes. He forgave thieves. He forgave his betraying weak friends and He forgave his killers.

He did all these things so that we could see a glimpse of the glory of God; His faithfulness and God’s love of his creation, mankind. We are flawed, we are weak, we are imperfect, just the way God made us. We follow Christ, not simply because of the rewards in heaven, but for the joy of the love of God.

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the difference.

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