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Smoke and Mirrors: the Goodrich Blimp

Sometimes genius is revealed in the unexpected.  Having listened to the radio all night for most of my life, I remember listening to Steve Malzberg on WABC on the graveyard shift.  He must have been a very young man, I must have been (achem!) twelve.

After so many years of listening I do not remember a single caller.  Not one,  at least  until a couple of nights ago.  I cannot remember the callers name nor which show he called into. I listen to a string of podcasts at night and thus far finding the clip has been impossible.  It could have been Levin, Red Eye, Chris Plante, Rich Zeoli , Joyce Kaufman, and Rush on the weekends,  so it was on one of those.   I’m leaning toward Rush.

It is important to  give credit to a  a man with great insight, even though his identity remains a mystery.   Also to the host who was wise enough to let him speak.

We  have never seen in our lifetime the forces of the left, media, politicians, actors and/or billionaire loons, join in such a widespread and continuous mission to destroy not only the President of the United States, but while doing it, destroying anyone and everyone else that even vaguely resembles conservative, libertarian or even moderate leadership.

Now back to the blimp….

When our son was four his Dad took him to play miniature golf.  At a particularly difficult hole, our guy said, “Dad! Look its the Goodrich blimp”!  While Dad looked up, our innocent looking little guy quickly deposited his ball in the cup shouting, “A hole in one, A hole in one”!

(Yes we do know its the Goodyear blimp.)

No one  at the course was watching until our son yelled, jumping up and down with his club in hand.  Cheers followed with congratulations from the gallery to our young budding con man.

He put into practice that day an art that our caller understood deeply.   He had exercised the art of diversion.  The caller recognized this art, in every inch, every pound, every liquid ounce of vile leftist tactics against Trump, the people, freedom and our constitution.  These tactics are all just small battles in an effort to cover the horrid war that they are waging behind the curtains.

This war is not being run by the so called deep state, but by the pond scum on the amoeba on the underside of the invisible hand, of barely human political fascist demons who dwell well below the deep state.

We must challenge ourselves to unmask the true mission of the fascist left with their use of targeted chaos.  This is exactly where they do NOT want our intellect and energy to go.  This is all more than about one man or one party.

Hats off to the brilliance of our American mystery radio caller and all citizens who practice critical thinking.   God bless and preserve His United States of America.

N.B.  Anyone seen McConnell lately?  He must be in the woods with Hillary.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Perlson and Gilinsky

Freedom Radio will rock with Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, Sunday night, March 6. Beautiful Bev will tell it like it is on the demonstration against Shariah in DC on Thursday March 3.

Also joining us tonight will be Beth Gilinsky another fearless sister warrior for America; Beth Gilinsky is the founder of Jewish Action Alliance and a member of the Liberty Alliance. Liberty Alliance, recently brought members of leading organizations from around the country into a confederation to organize a strong counter front against the advance of Shariah Law over constitutional law in America and thus over the American culture.

Ms. Gilinsky will join us to talk about an event of Liberty Alliance that took place today in Manhattan to draw attention to the fascist actions of the Muslem Brotherhood in America.

Read more about today’s Anti-Muslem Brotherhood event here and listen to Beth Gilinsky’s after action report tonight on Freedom Radio.

So glad that both of these patriots are on our side! As long as patriots like Bev Perlson and Beth Gilinsky are with us, there will always be an America as we know it.

Don’t miss it!

Bev Perlson speaks to the crowd at Liberty Rocks Rally against Shariah in DC, Thursday March 3, 2011

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive and BigPeace writes about Bev Perlson at the Liberty Alliance rally in support of constitutional law in DC :

“One of the bigger Islamist clowns, Anjem Choudary from the UK, was supposed to bring his traveling goat rape rope to Obama Town today. Our team got ready to repel boarders and I was anticipating a rowdy fiesta. Well I got the fiesta, but it wasn’t the Muslims it was Mexicans protesting the drug war. Mr. Chowdary failed to show. Here is Bev Perlson riling the crowd up for a non-confrontation. Frank Gaffney was there to instruct about the dangers posed by infiltration of Islamic law.

Well as much fun as speechifying can be, it’s got nothing to compare with a good tet a tet with the open-minded supporters of a new Caliphate”.

Read more of Uncle Jimbo at Black Five here.

Listen to a perfect interview done by Steve Malzberg with Choudary here.

Join us!

Congressman Allen West has rescheduled for Sunday March 13. We apologize for the wait!!

Blasphemy Against 911 Heroes; Bloomberg Does it Again

Capt. William Burke, who was killed in the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center, will be remembered as “lost to causes unknown” and not as a hero in performance of his duty if Mayor Bloomberg and his ilk have their way.

Read the account of how the 911 Memorial at Ground Zero in NY will be no memorial at all on the NY Daily News Opinion Page, written by Capt. William Burke’s brother, Micheal.

“Everything that should remind us of the attacks will have been eliminated from the site by the time the memorial opens (partially) on the attacks’ tenth anniversary. Why? As the 13-member jury that chose the memorial put it, “to protect the integrity of the design.” That’s right: the “integrity” of the memorial depends upon it rejecting history.”

“Listen to Steve Malzberg of WOR 710 AM NY interview Michael Burke and hear the details of this horrific and important story.

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