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Civilization Lost

Western Civilization was formed as man’s work and the resulting work produced created the need for an economical system which motivated the development and creation of systems of laws. As humans graduated from hunting and gathering thru farming and the resulting marketing, rules of behavior necessarily developed along with polite manners to protect the work product of the individual and his related possessions. Laws were created to protect those manners and specifically the work products of individual labor. (1)

When laws are created to change civilization, rather than the natural order of civilization creating laws, we have a direct assault on the motivation to acquire individual work product. If others can assume control over the fruits of your labor then the motivation to labor will be infringed. We will then have little motivation to work and create. Absent adherence to the natural law created by the natural advancement of civilization, there will necessarily be created in its place a disunity and a restless dissatisfaction. This will of course result in a decrease in the availability of goods and services.

Without the natural order of economic development as the foundation of civilization and the laws created to protect it, civilization as we know it will have no solid foundation upon which to exist.

Thus once man has been deprived of this natural formation of a system of laws, and men become above the law, Men will find the need to recreate a civilization through reason or revolution or a combination of the two.

Hence, once the Obama administration ends, there is an opportunity to recreate civilization, that is self rule as we know it. Should Clinton or Sanders become president, the opportunity will be lost or at best postponed, since their intention is to ignore law and seek to redistribute wealth to those who did not create it.

The question remains can our form of self government survive another round of Obama style leftist fascism? If the answer is no, then we will have an solemn obligation to reclaim our government. I pray it will be through reason and intellect and not revolution.

1. Herman, Arthur “How the Scots created the modern world “

Free Men or Slaves; The New Resistance

Considering that the House of Representatives’ vote for the speakership comes up Tuesday a reminder as to what is at stake can be made to us all. The House of Representatives can stop the wannabe diety and sovereign rule of Obama, if they care to. Things look pretty grim when so shortly after an outstanding conservative victory in the recent midterms, newly elected Mia Love is already talking about reelecting the current speaker.

It is up to us.

Call your Representatives and remind them today (202) 224-3121) of your expectations of them and of their vote.

Let us allow our first President, George Washington be our voice today as he was that day in 1776 to the continental army before the battle of Long Island:

The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die”

One must accept here that today’s liberalism is the antithesis of freedom; for if we today’s brave resistance, the new resistance, accept the oppression of one set of people for the benefit of others, then we do not have freedom at all.

Dare then to pray and ask God for his help and then ask your earthly representatives for theirs.

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I Can See Liberty From My Front Porch

Having been privileged to have found a home in Valley Forge, being gifted with a love of American history that I enjoyed even as a little tiny girl, I remember dragging my parents here on multiple occasions. However now, as a grown woman my appreciation for this holy ground has only deepened. It has deepened exponentially since September 11.

The American home of the Marquis de Lafayette is within an easy eyeshot of my front yard. I am led to remember how he once wrote that the fate of all mankind would be forever tied to America.

Upon the success of the Revolution he said, “Humanity has won its battle, Liberty now has a country”. Lafayette loved his adopted nation and yearned for the same revolution to reform France, the nation of his birth. The French revolution did not come close.

Well over 200 years ago, the young Lafayette saw the place of America in the world and the history of humanity in a way that no one else did, or at least that no one else said. Perhaps it was youthful exuberance yet undeterred. This exuberance was not to be an obstacle to his victories against the British. Without his contribution to the American revolution, there may not have ever been an America.

Let us mark well how right he was. Over the centuries the enemies of freedom have taken note of the thorn that American Liberty has become in the side of tyrannical governments. If not for America, their people would have no example with which to compare the lot to which they are tied. America works. Liberty works. They wish to deprive Liberty of its country. Those that would have the peoples of the earth enslaved despise it, and are dedicated to its demise.

George W. Bush vaguely said, “The terrorists hate us because of our way of life”. No, Sir. They hate liberty. He is no Marquis de Lafayette, but he is a patriot.

Understanding history, is key to understanding the fragile nature of liberty. This is why of course the left would prefer not to teach American history as I know it. Liberty is a fearless raging lion, but it can be taken down with one bullet, one sword or one man. Look back to the lives of our nations heroes, our founders to see what each man can do to preserve freedom.

And then do it.

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