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Democrat Resistance: The New American Hezbollah

The articles a good search provides are endless related to the recent decade of Democrat calls to violence.  The Democrats proclivity for bloodshed attracts those who advocate murder and mayhem to their side or did they advocate violence in order to GAIN the support of Hezbollah & its military wing Hamas (the Islamic Resistance) CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Obama gave 33 billion dollars to Iran, the worlds number one sponsor of Hezbollah terror on his way out the White House door.   Democrat leadership did nothing to stop him.  It was paid in gold and cash.  How best to kick back American tax payer dollars to our socialist democrats or to pay for influence in Hezbollah, one hand washing the other.    If Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism, what does that make America who is now a huge contributor to that nation? Democrat-led American governments have become an important financial supporter of terror around the world.

This substantive evidence underwrites the Democrat elite’s financial and philosophical support of terror.  In fact, they have not shied away from supporting domestic terror.  Black Lives Matter has proven their affection for violence in the US. They spent the summer of 2016 inciting riots in cities around the country and warring against police departments over false tales of police brutality.  Occupy Wall Street rioters had the support of the attempted mass murderer of US Senators  in Alexandria, James Hodgkinson.

So when US officials call for “taking to the streets” (Obama, Loretta Lynch, Tim Kaine) have no doubt as to the violence they are advocating.


FBI: Media, Black Lives Matter Behind Spike in Anti-Cop Violence

Carly Fiorino and My Precious Time

So here we are a precious 14 months until the next presidential election.  It is great that there is nothing pressing going on while all these senators and governors run for president.  There are not thousands of Christians being murdered in the middle east.  There are not hundreds of black youth being murdered in the cities every day.   The Keystone pipeline is finished.  Obamacare has been discontinued and ISIS is no more. The border has been secured. Iran now will never have nuclear warheads and Clinton has been cleared of all suspicion.  

So, of course then it ’s a journalists priority to cover the election 24 – 7.  

Ehhhhhh, maybe not so much./s

It can be said after watching the first presidential debate for 2016 on Fox News Channel, that the candidates behave like contestants on American Idol, all trying to elbow their way to stardom.  The thing is, after a couple seasons we learned to start watching the show 3 weeks before the final vote.  In doing this we avoided wasting hours of precious time and brain cells watching the less talented and the undeserving.    

This plan translates directly to Fox’s election coverage.  If the talking heads at Fox are not taking every opportunity for public naval gazing, they are covering unlikely presidential nomination winners like Jim Gilmore.  Oh, and lets find out more about the old feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Trump.  Yeah thats the ticket. /s

Thank the Lord for Carly Fiorina.  She so intellectually outclasses most of the candidates from both major parties that she may have the effect of eliminating the lesser half at faster speed than would otherwise be.  Trump is no longer entertaining and not used to criticism so he should be folding soon.  Carly Fiorino is so quick and articulate, she makes Trump look like Triumph the Insult Comic rather than a candidate for high office.  Lets pray a few hopeless candidates will see the impossibility of their success in this and  leave the race sooner rather than later.  Are you listening Jeb Bush? Trump? Santorum?

In the meantime, Fox needs to break away from its make-up mirrors and do its job, like covering the news rather than trying to make the news or be part of the story like their liberal colleagues do.  

I’ll be passing on Fox for a while unless I hear it has suddenly remembered how to put its pants on front ways or management finally goes for dignity and professionalism rather than mud wrestling contests or indecent public exposure.   


These are times that try women’s souls, and these three Shrews are no exception.

Pat Carfagno of Freedom Radio, Jen Kuznicki of and Anna Bee, trusted conservative reviewer put there heads together and an explosion of humor and information ensues!

We are LIVE at Freedom Radio every Thursday at 10 AM EST

Here is the download of yesterday’s show. Enjoy THE SHREW!

Freedom Radio Rocks with Dr. Zhudi Jasser

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy returns to Freedom Radio, Wednesday Feb 1 at 10 AM EST. The AIFD mission is to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state.

Dr. Jasser will speak to the statements made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg against the use of “The Third Jihad” as a vehicle of training for the NYPD.

Jasser is the narrator of the film, which includes interviews with the following:

NYC Police Commissioner

Former NYC Mayor

Former Secretary of Homeland Security

Former Director of Central Intelligence

President of American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Former FBI Asst Dir. of Public Affairs

Islamic Inst. of Counter-Zionist American Psychological Warfare

Former CIA Officer

View and or purchase the DVD here.

American Heroes Are American History

At this 10th anniversary of the attacks on America of September 11, 2001, the post at 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America is of immeasurable value. Many would have us minimize the horrors of that day and sweep it under the rug for the sake of a convenient but wrong-headed return to simpler times. Yes, they would have us forget. Many more will never forget because they cannot. Many more will never forget because they will not. Tim Sumner and Debra Burlingame’s website preserves history in a way that the weak-kneed and irresponsible would rather they did not.

“At 9:03 a.m., on 9/11, terrorists crashed United Airlines Flight 175 into the World Trade Center’s South Tower. Four minutes later, the FDNY’s Battalion 7 Chief, his aide, and five firefighters from Ladder 15 — led by my wife’s brother — arrived in that tower’s lobby. While a FDNY City-Wide Tour Commander set up the command post there, a Deputy Chief (4 Bravo) moved from there to Tower 2’s staging area at West and Liberty Streets and the Battalion 7 Chief attempted to establish communications with the Battalion 1 Chief at the command post in the North Tower…..

Battalion 7, his aide, and the five members of Ladder 15 then used a working service elevator that they had found and proceeded to the 40th floor. Their mission was to reach the fire floor, report on the situation there, and begin to direct the deployment of the additional units…

Once they all reached the 40th floor, they began the ascent, with each carrying 60 to 80 pounds of gear. While climbing, they received a report of a way to those trapped above the fire floor from the “Director of Morgan Stanley” whom is believed to have actually been Morgan Stanley’s head of security. Ladder 15 also received a report of another plane (probably while monitoring other radio channels). Additional units began arriving on the 40th floor.”

Read entire post and listen to 911 first responder audio here.

As Bernard Kerick, Police Commissioner of New York at the time of attacks, wrote in today’s NewsMax:

“There was debris falling from the top of the north tower, and people were screaming and running. “Back up,” a police sergeant yelled at us, “they’re jumping!”

One by one, then two and three at a time, people jumped and fell to the ground. I felt completely helpless. There was no way to stop them or to help them. Standing to our right was a hot dog vendor, screaming at the top of his lungs at the horror he was witnessing.”

Read more on Bernard Kerik: I Was Looking Into the Gates of Hell’

There is a reason that such trauma sticks in your mind and replays as if it were happening in real time and over and over again; We are to learn from it.

As I read the accounts of survivors of that day, the bravery of Americans in New York, Pennsylvania and DC stands out ever past the loss and terror of that day. This must be burned forever into our memories. The towers may be down, our innocence may be gone, but the knowledge of American bravery remains emblazoned in our hearts and minds and character.

This is how we pay tribute to the fallen. This is how we honor the memory of the lost. This is how we thank the first responders. This is how we continue to thank God for so blessing America.

We shall never forget.

Twelve Step Program for Bureaucrat Spending Addiction

Dear members of the US House of Representatives;

This is how many Americans would prefer that you begin the process of ending the practices associated with what will heartofore be known as your Bureaucrat Spending Addiction and beginning the process of cutting the reckless spending of our hard earned tax dollars:

1. Put the last existing federal budget on a searchable Excel spread sheet.

2. Use search terms like “museum, poetry, sexual habits, awareness, bike paths, parks , outreach, recreation, entertainment, fairness” to highlight line items that include such terms.

3. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

4. Search all federal government employees salary budgets and expense accounts and reduce by budgets by 24%, which is the percentage of GDP that is national debt. Note that this same procedure should be followed in each fiscal year.

5. Once search is complete, select all, hit apply.

6. Search for any item that includes the terms “jobs” or “retraining”.

7. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

8. Search again for the term “department”

9. Within that department search, highlight all departments that have no relation to national security and defense or tax collection and Social Security or Medicare maintenance, paying special attention to see that the Oshamnocare is highlighted.

10. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

11. Search for all countries on terrorist watch list receiving foreign aid.

12. Once search is complete, select all, hit delete button.

These 12 steps should be repeated every year until our national debt is beneath 4% and be used every year thereafter to keep it there. These steps are only a good start, and by no means preclude any further cuts or future cuts in the federal budget.

My office is always open.

Freedom Radio Rocks with Ryan & Campbell

Col. Francis X. Ryan, Republican Candidate for Pennsylvania’s Auditor General returns to Freedom Radio on Sunday’s February 27 show 8 pm est. Col. Ryan is a retired USMC, formerly of Gen. Tommy Franks staff and served in Iraq and briefly in Afghanistan. Frank Ryan, specializes in corporate restructuring and lectures on ethics for the state CPA societies. . He is on numerous boards of publicly traded and non-profit organizations. Find his latest article at American Thinker.


….a successful turnaround requires spending less than you take in and not increasing your revenues at the expense of controlling your costs. Government cannot make up its deficiencies by volume!

…. there cannot be any sacred cows in a turnaround. Every department must be viewed and waste eliminated. In the Federal government alone, the effort must be undertaken to remove incompetent managers and employees to make government more effective and less costly.

….the customer must take center stage. In a government, the customer is the taxpayer. It is the person paying the bills not the recipient of the government largesse but the financier of the government must be looked at as someone to nurture and not vilify.

…..Our creative destruction is underway. The bad news is that it is not stoppable any longer. The great news is that in the long run our vibrant people will survive and a greater nation is likely to emerge, but only if we decide to get engaged in the fight and strive to remain faithful to the founding principles of our Nation and our Constitution. I am confident that we will.

Read more here.

Many states in the US need men with integreity like Col. Ryan; We in Pennsylvania are fortunate to have the real deal.

Also joining us Sunday will be J. Mark Campbell of the Florida Security Council. His youtube channel mysteriously named J Mark Campbell is a watershed of video documentation related to the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in America.

See a critical sample of J. Mark Campbell’s work on the upper right hand column of this site.

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